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10 Reasons Why Radio Stations Should Stream Christmas Music This Year

Posted by John on October 4th, 2011

Custom Channels has been creating All-Christmas music channels for 12 years. We’ve worked with hundreds of radio stations from the biggest cities (NYC and LA) to small towns (Texarkana, Savanah, Peoria).  No matter the size of city or station’s format (Country, Triple A, News/Talk, Oldies, AC, Top 40, Classic Rock), we’ve designed All-Christmas music Internet channels that listeners and advertisers love.

Here are 10 reasons why a radio station should stream All-Christmas Music this November and December 2011.
1. Every radio station needs exclusive digital content to drive website traffic and create buzz with listeners to tap rapidly expanding digital revenue. Advertisers are looking for new places to spend their ad dollars.

2. Christmas music is proven to attract listeners. An Arbitron study showed a whopping 91% AQH increase among stations that went “All-Christmas”. Lucky you if you’re the “All-Christmas music” station. If not, it’s wise to protect against audience erosion by providing Christmas programming online. Why make listeners go somewhere else?

3. Listeners to ALL formats seek out Christmas Music. Jacobs Media found that even rock and classic rock listeners tune away in big numbers to Christmas music on the radio during the holidays.

4. Internet-only, pureplay radio listening is surpassing terrestrial radio streams. See Bridge Ratings and Triton Digital Webcast Metrics. Internet radio is alive and flourishing.

5. Any radio station can go All-Christmas music online without changing format on air. While listeners love Christmas music, they also love that station’s regular format so…why not give them both?

6. Current listeners and current advertisers are in danger of drifting away. Don’t let them flock to the market’s “All Christmas” station or some no-name Internet-only playlist. If you build it (and it’s good), they will stay. If you don’t build it, they will go elsewhere.

7. Keep radio listeners tuned in wherever the Internet can reach: at home, at work and on-the-go – on laptops, office computers and Internet radios.

8. Streaming All-Christmas music is a win for both sales and programming. Programming gets a tactical imaging and audience connection tool that’s exciting to promote. Sales get a unique, programming-driven promotion that’s easy to sell.

9. Most any radio station CAN sell this and make money. Any radio station sales department that can sell things like sponsorships, remotes, contests and other NTR can sell and make money with an All-Christmas Channel. A Christmas Channel this year could be a first, easy step toward opening a whole world of new year-’round digital opportunities and ideas.

10. It’s easier than you think. Custom Channels creates a 100% custom, All-Christmas version of the radio station streamed from the station’s own website. Each station gets their music, their imaging, their sponsors – not a generic stream. Custom Channels handles everything, even the music licensing.

For details, demos and pricing on All-Christmas Channels for AM/FM radio stations contact Custom Channels.

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