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10 Tips For Evaluating Music Inside Your Place Of Business

Posted by John on September 19th, 2011

Many managers, owners and business operators tend to overlook a very important detail of operating a retail store, restaurant, hotel, spa or any business where atmosphere and environment is important.  The overlooked ingredient is – music.

An image is conveyed to guests and customers through sound as well as the look.  We’ve seen, too often, owners and operators spend time and money on lights, chairs, painting, decorations, menus, clothes (the look) and then plug in any-old-music as an afterthought.

Here are 10 tips to help you evaluate the music service in your place of business.

Is your music mix unique?
Or is it the same music service that’s getting plugged into any type of restaurant or store in your town and across the nation?

Who picks the music?
Whether it’s the manager’s iPod or a satellite music service, do you trust who’s picking the music to always reflect your mood and brand? Can you talk music with them?

Does every song fit your energy, theme and vibe?
A few “wrong songs” in the mix that keep getting played can dampen the unique atmosphere you’ve worked so hard to create.

Is the music consistent?
Customers expect consistency with the product, service, atmosphere and, yes, consistency with the music each time they visit.  Consistency with multiple locations is important, too.  Is the music consistent or is there a different mix or different service in each location?

Is there enough variety in your music mix?
Sure, you want a consistent sound, but it doesn’t need to be overly predictable or boring. A skilled music programmer can weave in a lot of songs and styles that fit the sound of your brand giving your playlist depth and variety.

Is the music too stale or repetitive?
Hearing the same songs way too often? Does the playlist never seem to change? Customers may not always notice this, but employees and staff sure do. Happy employees leads to happy customers.

How’s the audio quality?
Is there consistency in the volume level from song to song? Does the music sound thin or muddy, compressed or dull? Are you having to turn it up or turn it down?  Make sure that the music coming into your business matches the high audio quality of the products and service.

Do you have a say in what’s played?
Find a music service company that takes the time to understand your business and offers personalized service with ongoing music recommendations and request capability.

Do you have all the options you want?
Live internet streaming; the ability to see what songs have been played recently; custom messaging that doesn’t interrupt the music or the mood; all copyright licensing fees covered.

Does your music service go beyond the walls of your business?
Take advantage new mobile and social media strategies, such as an online channel and branded media player, so you can connect with your customers when they’re not in your store or restaurant.

Take time to listen to what’s playing inside your business and hear the sound of your business as your customers and guests hear it.  Custom Channels can help you score a perfect 10 on this 10 tip evaluation.

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