Back when music-for-business services started, the internet wasn’t really an option. These days, even though web services power everything from cash registers to thermostats and everything in between, some businesses are still hesitant to entrust their in-store music to internet delivery. But not only is a streaming music service for business going to be as reliable as it gets, using a web-connected music player opens up nearly unlimited possibilities for customizing, managing, and maintaining your business music.

1: Data Use Isn’t Really an Issue Anymore

First, let’s quickly dispense with an old reason not to use a streaming music service for business: that continuously downloading music uses too much data. While there were certainly times where the bandwidth required for quality music streaming wasn’t ubiquitous (not to mention a time when the internet itself wasn’t), that’s not the case these days.

For reference, you could play 40 Custom Channels music streams in the bandwidth needed for a typical YouTube video, all without compromising audio quality. Most businesses these days have access to broadband internet, so the requirements for a streaming music service for business—usually below 100Kbps—are negligible nowadays.

2: Streaming Music Can Be Continuously Updated and Easily Changed

Some remember the horror days of music for business, where store employees would be forced to listen to the same cassette of music on repeat, day after day for a month or two at a time. While you’d be hard-pressed to find a current music for business service with offerings that bad, there are still some solutions that rely on local music storage; one way or another, local storage means more repetition.

With a web-based music service like Custom Channels, the music library can be continuously curated by expert music programmers, and it’s easy to make quick changes to your channel that go live in seconds. No more repetition to unnerve your employees, and no more outdated playlists to turn off your customers.

3: Web-Connected Devices Are Controllable From Anywhere, By Anyone (You Want)

One of the benefits of delivering your music through a robust streaming platform is that it also opens up your music player to an unlimited palette of remote control options. Custom Channels music players can be controlled through your online dashboard from any computer at any time, meaning you and your staff never have to worry about needing to be hands-on with the music player if changes need to be made. Playback volume, on/off scheduling, and more can be controlled from any web browser.

What’s more, web control means that your music player doesn’t have to have physical controls if you don’t want it to; many of our clients use their dashboard’s password-protected login to prevent unwanted fiddling with their carefully-crafted music settings from the player itself. No matter how you want to set it up, internet accessibility only offers more options for how you manage your music player.

4: Music Players Don’t Need Big Footprints To Have Big Functionality

Let’s say you do decide to go with a service that stores your music locally. Let’s also say that you want a few different choices of music that you can switch between at any time (who wouldn’t?). Unfortunately, whether it’s with CDs or hard drive space, more storage means a bigger footprint—often in terms of physical size, usually in terms of power, and always in terms of cost.

Not so with a streaming music player. Whether you want 1 channel or 41 channels, all of the magic is done through a robust web platform, so you can pick whichever player hardware best fits your space and leave the heavy lifting to us.

5: Player Visibility Enables Robust Monitoring and Troubleshooting Tools

Reliable as a web-based platform may be, no hardware or software system is immune to problems. While the reflex might be to stick with a local-storage solution because it seems like there’s fewer moving parts, the unfortunate reality is that local issues need to be fixed locally. When something goes wrong with your local-storage music player, you’ll either need to pay a technician to come take a look or pay for a replacement device—costing your business not only money, but valuable time during which you won’t have music.

With our streaming music players, Custom Channels is empowered with a robust suite of web-based monitoring tools available to our support team and our clients. Our systems are so reliable that the majority of our clients never need to call us. But when a client does reach out for assistance, we can remotely perform a high-precision examination of their player’s behavior, immediately providing a diagnosis and suggesting next steps, and often fixing the problem right then and there on the phone.

In fact, our support calls usually take about ten minutes, and in that time more than 80% of issues are already diagnosed, and often the problem is already solved. Even when the underlying issue is out of our hands (an amplifier problem, a local network conflict, an ISP outage, etc.), we can often guide staff on-site through quickly repairing their systems drawing on our broad base of support knowledge. Our ability to monitor and examine our streaming music players’ behavior means that when our clients call us with questions, we’ll have answers.

Power Up Your Business Music through Streaming with Custom Channels

Custom Channels’ wide variety of solutions as a streaming music service for business means that businesses of any size, industry, and customer base can trust our robust music delivery platform to provide music that’s professionally curated, easily customizable, and always reliable. Try our service free for 7 days, no payment required to hear it for yourself and join the thousands of businesses that trust Custom Channels to provide the best music for business.