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7 tips for making music a key part of the brand experience

Posted by John on July 19th, 2013

In a recent article about the 20th anniversary of Chipotle Mexican Grill, music was cited as an important ingredient in the success of Chipotle, now at over 1,400 restaurants in the USA and abroad. Custom Channels manages Chipotle’s online radio channel.

“[Music is] an essential piece in founder Steve Ells’s restaurant vision. When Ells opened the first one [in Denver] his belief was that he always thought music was an important part of the overall restaurant experience. So he began with his programming at the first store, and it went on from there. He always kept a focus on music as an integral part of the experience,” said music programmer Chris Golub.


With that in mind, here are seven tips for making music a key part of the brand experience for your business.

1. Understand customer demographics and the unique, special atmosphere that is being created. What kind of person is your target customer? A narrower definition results in a better focus and helps define the music mix that reflects your brand’s appeal.

2. Find a music vendor that takes the time to understand your business and offers personalized service with customized selections, ongoing music recommendations and brand message strategies.

3. Keep the music fresh and updated by partnering with a music service that has an extensive library of licensed music. Not every song can be played by every music service or every delivery method. And not every music service updates your playlist often.

4. Investigate the latest music delivery options, such as live Internet streaming, and avoid music services that mail discs or load a limited number of songs on to a computer hard drive.

5. Find the right volume. While music shouldn’t be too loud, if it’s a part of the brand and the experience music should be loud enough to be easily heard and enjoyed.

6. Consider adding integrated custom messaging between the songs to build brand image, promote sales and add your unique audio stamp.

7. Develop new social media strategies by launching a branded, online channel and custom media player to connect with your customers anywhere, anytime.

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