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A Twist On In-Store Music Heard At Whole Foods

Posted by John on March 23rd, 2010

Custom Channels creates a custom music mix for all the Whole Foods Market stores in the Rocky Mountain region.  I’m used to going into Whole Foods in my area and hearing the music we’ve selected specially to fit the healthy, fresh and natural atmosphere of Whole Foods stores.

So I was surprised when I went into Whole Foods in Superior, Colorado near Boulder and heard music that was kind of French sounding.  Rather uncharacteristic.  The song ended and another just like it started.  Hmm.  I rounded the corner of an aisle to discover a strolling accordion player dressed like he had just arrived from Paris and playing a squeeze box.  Fun!

As I shopped I noticed that the music carried nicely in the background throughout the store.  And I’d see the accordion man walking and playing in different sections of the store as I shopped.  He caught the attention of most adults and children in the grocery store.

The event was buzz worthy.  I told my family and friends about my experience because it was unique and different.  Isn’t that what marketing is all about – to get people talking, texting and tweeting?  This did it.

I’m not worried that Whole Foods will drop Custom Channels music and hire full time accordion players.  The buzz would stop there and many people might avoid shopping there because full time accordion music can be lumped in with bagpipes and banjos as annoying.

The Custom Channels music mix returned later that day to this Whole Foods and customers and team members were seen singing along to the songs.  Congratulations to this Whole Foods Market on knowing when to deviate from the playlist with a live musician worth buzzing about.

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