All Access Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I see what songs have been played?

Yes. Go to “Recently Played” on the side menu to see a list and that times those songs played. To see recently played songs on other channels, use the pull-down menu in the upper right. Switching “Recently Played” lists will not change the music that’s playing.

How do I add, remove and reorder the channels on my player?

Click “Manage Players” in the side menu under Settings, then click the blue “Manage Player” button. You’ll see a list of the channels currently on your player in the middle of the page. Click the “Add Channels” button. Any available channels not currently on your player are listed here. To add a channel, click on the checkbox next to the name of the channel, then click the “Add Channels” button. To remove a channel, click the “x” on the right side of the channel name. Your player will not be updated until the player has been shut off and turned back on.

VIDEO: How to Customize Your Player – Add and Remove All Access Channels

How are your music channels created?

All Access channels are professionally programmed by our music experts and continuously updated – no loops or static song lists. We used sophisticated software to create a fresh sequence of songs every day with many safeguards to reduce repetition and increase variety.