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Playing Pandora on an iPhone in a Closet. Is That How Your Restaurant Plays Music?

Posted by John on October 6th, 2014

Is this a good way to do music? Playing Pandora on an iPhone that’s duct taped to the wall of a small coat closet at the entry way where guests pass into a upscale (not inexpensive) restaurant in the trendy section of major city. Names have been withheld to not embarrass the guilty restaurant!

What’s going on in this photo is that the music had stopped (lengthy silence in the restaurant) and the employee was trying to get Pandora connected. That’s right – they’re running this on wireless, which is prone to more interruptions than an Ethernet connection. It took the employee quite a while to keep trying to re-connect and re-start the iPhone and Pandora – time she could have been serving customers. The yellow paper has instructions on what to do so this problem must happen regularly.

Again, this was an upscale, food-conscious, service-conscious restaurant. But obviously they aren’t music-conscious. Isn’t music a key element of a restaurant’s interior, atmosphere and mood? If you agree “yes”, then don’t duct tape an old phone in a closet. Connect with us at Custom Channels.

iphone in closet


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