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Why starting a branded Internet radio channel makes sense

Posted by John on April 11th, 2013

More and more brands are using Internet radio for music and messaging to connect to their fans and followers. Online radio listening numbers are huge and continue to grow. The latest 2013 research shows the weekly audience of online radio at 86 million Americans age 12+, reaching 33% of the population. Weekly online radio listening time averages almost 12 hours per week, up by more than two hours over 2012 listening levels and nearly double the listening in 2008. Brands can now join that connection without having to throw away advertising money on commercials.

The growth is being driven in part by the popularity of services like Pandora, iHeart Radio, spotify and TuneIn. Growth has also come from lifestyle brands using Internet radio to connect with customers through web, mobile and social media.

How to use Internet radio wisely

Go where your customers are! Internet radio can be heard everywhere. It’s on a brand’s own web site and Facebook page; it’s on iPhone and Android smart phones and iPads; it’s easily shareable by fans through social media like Facebook and Twitter.

Having an Internet radio station is a modern way to reach consumers directly with music and messaging that’s created, curated and delivered without having to go through traditional media or other distributors. Fans have direct access; brands have direct content control.

What’s playing on a branded Internet radio channel?

We recommend a customized music mix that reflects your brand and target customer’s lifestyle that they can’t get anywhere else. They love your brand – give them more of it. With Internet radio, brands have the opportunity to tell their story to an audience that’s actually interested in hearing it. The story, delivered as short messages between songs, is part of the entertaining content and not viewed as an interruption or intrusion.

Internet radio can be easy and affordable

Having your own custom Internet radio station is easier and less expensive than you might think. Many of our fully custom clients take their in-store music mix and re-purpose it as Internet radio so the additional cost is only listening time, often as little as 5 cents per listening hour. It’s smart marketing when you can have a person engaged in your brand for one hour for only 5 cents.

Brands are using Internet radio to stay connected with fans and followers when those people are not in the store or using the product directly. To find out how to connect your in-store music mix to a branded Internet radio channel, or launch a new branded Internet radio channel, please contact Custom Channels. See and hear examples of branded Internet radio created by Custom Channels.

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