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Brands And Businesses Encourage Fans To Create

Posted by John on February 11th, 2011

Businesses and brands asking their customers to create a name, a logo, a theme, or a commercial can be a very good idea. Asking listeners to create a TV commercial for a radio station, while not a new idea, is a very good idea as people continue to dive deep into user generated content. More people than ever are interested in participating in user generated content and radio stations are taking better advantage of video than ever before. It’s not the DIY promotion that’s buzz worthy, it’s what’s produced.

SBR/Custom Channels client The Peak, CKPK, in Vancouver, British Columbia just completed their Peak Commercial Contest asking listeners to submit their video/TV concept of The Peak. The only stipulation was that The Peak’s logo had to appear in the video. With on-air, web, Facebook, twitter and email promotion, there were 250 entries, all posted on The Peak’s YouTube page (which became one of the most-viewed YouTube pages in Canada during the promotion).

As judged by the radio station staff, the top entry was this.

It’s not often you see a helicopter used in user generated content. This was a runner-up entry.

We love this concept and think it would have great possibility for syndication if remade.

There were also several animated and claymation homemade commercials. This was among the best.

See all the entries (the good, the bad and the shocking) on The Peak’s YouTube page.

The takeaway is that when entertainment brands involve customers and fans in the creation of the entertainment content, the process and the results are enjoyed by everyone in the audience or fan base, not just by the few creators.

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