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Advice for Installing or Remodeling the Sound System in Your Business

Posted by John on February 1st, 2016

Custom Channels delivers a great music experience for businesses of all types. That experience can hinge on the quality and installation of the sound system on which the music is playing. Businesses use professional sound system installation companies to get to job done right, or to re-do a bad sound system job, or to maintain

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Turn It Up or Turn It Down – Doing the Volume Twist

Posted by John on July 7th, 2015

CLIENT QUESTION: We got a complaint about the music being too loud in a store and a franchisee is asking what the standard decibel (volume level) should be. Would you guys have any suggestions on that front? CUSTOM CHANNELS: That’s an interesting question — and a first for us. Honestly, there are too many variables

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What to do if your Internet music service gets the hiccups

Posted by John on February 15th, 2013

Custom Channels delivers music and messaging over the Internet to business locations. Occasionally, we hear from a customer who is having a problem with their in-store music cutting in and out.  Technically, this is often called “buffering” or “rebuffering” and it usually means the Custom Channels media player is not able to receive data fast

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Audio Equipment: An Important Part Of The Sound Inside Business

Posted by Dave on February 27th, 2012

We write a lot about the importance of the right music to the vibe of stores, restaurants, and retailers – that’s our business and our passion. But another important aspect is the audio equipment on which that music is played. It’s tempting to cheap out on audio gear or installation, but doing so would be

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