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Choosing the best music volume: when to TURN IT UP and when to turn it down

Posted by John on June 28th, 2013

One of the easiest things you can do to improve the audio environment in your business is to change the volume of the music. Turn it UP or turn it DOWN. Of course, it helps to have a on-target music mix, which is what we specialize in at Custom Channels. So we’ll assume you’ve got the right songs in the right playlist.
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Turn It Up!

UP ARROWMost businesses we’ve visited could stand to turn the volume up a notch to improve the atmosphere. When there’s lots of customers talking, laughing and employee noise, keep the environment filled with music by turning up the volume as more customers enter. It’s a simple adjustment that’s the perfect “ambiance maker”.

UP ARROW   When customers can actually hear the song being played, rather than just hearing “something playing in the background”, it can add to the customer’s subconscious enjoyment to shopping or dining. We’ve often caught customers in our client’s grocery stores singing along as they push the shopping cart and happily browse the aisles. It’s because they can hear the songs being played at the proper volume; the tunes don’t fade into the background.

UP ARROW   We know that most often the volume control isn’t conveniently located. It may be in the back room or in a closet. Still, with almost no effort a quick trip to the volume control on the sound system can make all the difference in your store or restaurant’s atmosphere. Tip: mark the volume control with tape, marker or paint to clearly show the optimum volume.

UP ARROW   If you’re building a new space or remodeling, put a volume control or remote control in a place that’s convenient to turn up or down. One of our clients installed fader switches in several wall locations around the business. We recommend adjusting volume manually but you might investigate an automatic volume control or stablizer that adjusts the volume up or down as the room noise increases or decreases.
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Turn It Down!

DOWN ARROW   When the music is too loud often it’s because the volume was turned up when there were lots of people in the store or restaurant and now they’ve left. So with fewer customers talking the music is now too loud and sounds off-putting. Make sure the volume matches the busy-ness and activity of the room. Our previous above tip of marking the volume control helps avoid loud music.

DOWN ARROW   Some businesses equate high volume with energy and enthusiasm so they turn the music up too loud. The high volume actually hurts the atmosphere making it difficult to talk and think. Don’t try to be louder and energetic when the products, services and space really call for medium to lower volume. Loud music can be like bold, conflicting paint colors – it makes you want to stand back or turn around and exit.

DOWN ARROW   And yes, sometimes the volume needs to be turned down because the music mix isn’t that good. By turning up the volume you’ll expose the lame song choices. Turning the volume down is a short term solution to poor song choices – a music mix switch and/or change in music services is what’s needed. That’s when it’s time to contact Custom Channels.

Our customers LOVE to TURN IT UP to that sweet spot because the MUSIC MIX is SO GOOD. Find out more by contacting us for a free evaluation of your music service.

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