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Companies enhance consumer relationships using branded streaming

Posted by John on July 10th, 2014

A recent article about online streaming for business caught our attention. “4 ways mobile music is becoming the PB&J of the marketing world” is about how companies are turning to streaming music services on mobile devices to enhance their relationships with consumers. Custom Channels has been providing this service for years for brands including Life Is Good, Bonnaroo music festival, Chipotle Mexican Grill, McIntosh audio products, the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, Stoke Radio, Floyd’s barbershops, and Which Wich Suprior Sandwiches. These brands use Custom Channels to create a branded streaming music service to engage their customers and fans.

As the article points out, companies are turning to their own branded music service for several key reasons, all of which Custom Channels excels at delivering:

Messaging – Companies are shifting advertising and marketing money away from media they don’t control (TV, print, FM radio) to media they do control. On your own channel it’s a “message”; on TV it’s just another “commercial”. When people listen to a branded music stream, they’ll hear the message because it’s not buried with dozens of other commercials competing for attention.

Attention – Businesses usually only have a handful of opportunities to grab a consumer’s attention, especially after they’ve made the initial sale. We’ve found that brand fans are anxious to stay engaged with the brand they love – before, during and after the purchase. For music-conscious brands, having a streaming music service is a targeted, economic way to keep the customer’s attention.

Stickiness – Listening to music is something most people do every day. We give customers and brand fans the opportunity to listen to music crafted around the brand’s image. With Custom Channels technology, music and messaging is updated daily which keeps the stream fresh and timely. Always-changing, always-updated content gives people a reason to visit often.

Cost  – Once, it was cost prohibitive for a company to create, manage and pay licensing fees their own internet channel. Now, Custom Channels handles music and messaging, bandwidth, streaming and music licensing starting at only $500/month, which often works out at a nickle per listener hour. What marketing exec would pass up the opportunity to engage with a customer for an hour for only 5 cents?

We agree with the article’s conclusion: “Simply put, with fewer barriers to entry, more companies are taking advantage of mobile music as a matter of survival. Everyone already knows combining digital music with mobile technology is a killer combination on par with peanut butter and jelly. But it’s only recently that companies across many industries have realized how to make mobile music work to their advantage.”

When you’re ready to start your company’s own custom channel with music and targeted messaging that current and potential customers can enjoy on their smart phones, iPads, internet radios, laptops and desktop computers, contact us at Custom Channels.

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