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Five Reasons To Connect With Custom Channels

Posted by John on January 24th, 2011

John Bradley, Custom Channels co-President and music programmer, gives five reasons that restaurants, retail stores, and offices connect with Custom Channels for their on-site and on-line music and messaging.

1. Personalized Service. We talk to all of our clients on a regular basis to find out how it sounds and what can improve. We give attention to all clients big and small. We tailor the music mix down to each individual song.

2. Where Music Is An Important Part Of The Brand. There’s a big difference between “just background music to fill the space” and customized music and messaging to reflect the brand image and brand environment. We work with music conscious business owners and brand managers.

3. Live Streaming. There’s no satellites dishes, no discs to mail, no computers on-site. All channels are heard in real time, with 24/7 updates, over the Internet using a small Internet radio on-site or the web with a custom Flash player or app. It’s live radio with less repetition.

4. We’re Not The Big Guy. Many businesses don’t want to work with Muzak. We’re an independent alternative.

5. We Love Music. We do this because of our extensive music background and our continuing interest in discovering new music. We bring that passion for music to our clients, both in their stores and on their web sites. We’re like having a personal music director. We end up working with people who love music, too, no matter what business they’re in.

Good music, delivered reliably to every location, at an affordable price is the base expectation for a music service. We go beyond that by personalizing the service to each client.

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