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Part 2: What Makes Custom Channels Different From My Current Music Service?

Posted by Dave on February 24th, 2011

In my earlier blog post, I listed many ways that Custom Channels is different from the current in-store music service you may be using. Benefits like our bigger music library of licensed songs, our real time updates, our professional music selection and scheduling process, and our exceptional audio quality.

One reason that really cuts through with many of our clients is this:  we’re not Muzak!

Nothing against Muzak – they’ve been around forever. They’re well respected, they’re huge, and their name has been synonymous with background music worldwide for decades. Muzak is likely a solid choice for 90% of businesses out there. At Custom Channels, we’ve decided to focus on the other 10%.

Why might a brand go with Custom Channels instead of Muzak? Well, in addition to the music and delivery advantages listed in part one of this blog, it’s probably more of an image thing. Most of our Custom Channels clients are rather independent and very entrepreneurial in spirit and they like that about us as well. We’re a small, music-oriented, tech savvy, forward-thinking company, newer than Muzak, focused on providing a fun service to a select group of music-conscious clients. Many of our clients are growing a business, most under 100 locations. If a restaurant, retail store or a salon is trying to present a “we’re different” image to the world, using Muzak doesn’t seem very different.

At Custom Channels, we seek out clients who aren’t afraid to try something new and fresh, yet still want it dependable and cost effective.

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