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How Custom Channels Fights Repetition For Better Listening

Posted by John on January 17th, 2011

One of the top concerns we get from new clients at Custom Channels, especially clients asking about in-store music, is about repetition. “I used to hear the same songs all the time at my business with my previous music service.  I really want less repetition”, they tell us.

Less repetition and more variety of songs is a big advantage with using Custom Channels. Because we stream our channels over the internet for use in businesses, websites and mobile devices, we run our channels like a live radio station or DJ.  That’s important to know because many music services don’t do streaming. Those services send a disc to a store once a month with only about a hundred songs that get played over and over, sometimes in the same order. Or the music living on a computer in the store doesn’t get updated very often, and only with a limited number of songs.

The custom channels we create for clients start with hundreds of songs and usually have over a thousand songs (sometimes two or three thousand songs) that get rotated in a very scientific and thoughtful manner  We use music software called MusicMaster that lets us keep track of when the song played last, when it plays next, and when it will play again.  With that song history, we can virtually eliminate noticeable repetition because songs don’t get played at the same time of day every time they’re played. Moving songs around to different times of day allows a wider variety of music to be heard and results in less repetition.

We also protect against the same songs repeating each day, day after day. And with MusicMaster’s help, the same songs don’t play in the same sequence so when you hear song A it won’t be followed by song B each time.

It’s important to know that our custom music channels don’t play in any random order. When music plays from a computer – like an ipod or Pandora, there is almost no system in place to guard against song and artist repetition. With MusicMaster, we can create checks and balances that keep similar sounding songs or songs from the same era from bunching up together. We keep same artists separated so when The Z Band plays, they will not be on again right away.  We set the preferences for music on each channel. There’s an actual music loving person in control.

Each day’s music mix with Custom Channels sounds fresh and unique because all the songs are being shuffled and scheduled in real time 24/7. Using MusicMaster software is another way Custom Channels’ music people create less repetition that the random process of an ipod or Pandora can’t match. And because we stream live, clients aren’t stuck with a set number of songs repeating daily till the next update comes.

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