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Custom Channels Music Service Is Popular In Boulder, Denver and Front Range Colorado

Posted by John on June 21st, 2012

Most good businesses have a strong local base. If they can’t make it in their hometown, they probably shouldn’t expect people around the USA, or around the world, to be interested?  We believe in giving a slight edge to the home team – go local. You see it all the time sports with odds makers giving some credit for home field advantage.  And there’s the well-known phrase “think globally, buy locally”.

We thank our clients in our home area (the Front Range of Colorado including Boulder, Longmont, Denver and all the metro suburban cities) that choose Custom Channels as their in-store music service provider. Obviously, they didn’t go with Custom Channels for music simply because we’re local. We believe it’s mostly because we go out of our way to do a spectacular job of creating interesting, quality, non-repetitive music channels, many with messaging, while expertly handling all of the customer service questions that might pop up.

So, thank you to a few Colorado businesses that have good taste in music…   

Whole Foods Market We’re in many of the Whole Foods stores nationally but customized Whole Foods Market Radio first got started years ago at the Boulder Pearl Street store.

Which Wich Superior Sandwiches A national franchise that plays customized Which Wich Radio powered by Custom Channels. We get to hear our music mix creation while eating at the Which Wich’s around Denver. Love the menu on the bags.


Floyd’s 99 Barbershop You’ve really got to hear Floyd’s Radio while you’re in one of their shops (many around the country) to realize the impact the right music mix makes on a brand. Our company President gets his hair cut at Floyd’s!

Asti d’Italia A music mix that compliments this restaurant’s cuisine of Italy from the Tuscan countryside North to the hills of Piedmont.

Lucille’s A Boulder food institution for over 30 years (and now with multiple locations), their unique creole cuisine demanded a unique music channel they couldn’t get elsewhere.

Flatiron Athletic Club Outside magazine named FAC “The Premier Workout Facility in the World’s Fittest City”. They’ve got Custom Channels as workout motivation.


Mad Greens A Colorado-grown business on a steep growth curve propelled by serving delicious salads. Mad Greens slogan is “inspired eats” so our music mix must be “inspired tunes”!

Amante Coffee Bringing a wonderful piece of the “Old World” to the front range of Colorado. We provide a stylish music mix for Amante’s stylish coffee houses.

zPizza  We didn’t know about zPizza until we ate at their Boulder store. Found out they’re in many states with food inspired by California and a healthy way of life. Now they’re all getting zPizza Radio powered by Custom Channels.

Jax Mercantile Co Outdoor gear, clothing, footwear, ranch & home. Jax reminds us of a classic “general store”. Both Jax and Custom Channels love music and the Colorado outdoors.

Jimmy Johns One of the nation’s biggest restaurants for number of locations. Some national franchisees, including those in Colorado, are starting to switch to Custom Channels to replace their old music service.


Metropolitan Dental and Metropolitan Orthdontics With seven doctors in three busy offices, Metropolitan is always on the cutting edge of patient care and comfort. So, in addition to having a fully stocked rack of current magazines in the lobby, they play Custom Channels throughout their offices.

Modmarket We love working with small, growing businesses like Modmarket because they have a different outlook on life…and on music. Mod’s slogan is “farm fresh and healthy – what fast food should be.”

Cheese Importers A Colorado family-owned business for 35 years, our music compliments their artisan cheese and specialty foods offerings.

Lest you think we’re mostly about food (hmm, we DO work with lots of restaurants.  And yes, we love to eat!), we’re not just a music service of choice for the food world. Our clients locally and nationally span the business world from health/fitness to hair salons, medical/dental offices to sports stores, shopping centers to retail clothing stores. And that’s just in-store radio. We do online radio, too.

Not local to our area in Colorado? That’s OK. Find out what our Colorado friends already know and hook up with Custom Channels music service for your business.

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