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She listened to our music service, now she’s working for our company

Posted by John on February 5th, 2013

My name is Jana Everett. I’m the newest member of the Custom Channels team – the Customer Care Specialist. But more about that later. First, let me tell about my business background and how I arrived at a music company when my experience was in food.

For the past 2 ½ years Custom Channels has been a part of my life even though I didn’t work here. Let me explain. It all started one morning when I was working as a coffee/tea/chocolate buyer for Whole Food Foods Market. There I was stocking the shelves with tea and a great song came on the overhead music. I was singing along and heard “Thanks for listening to Whole Foods Market Radio!” I decided right then and there to figure out where Whole Foods Market Radio was coming from and how I could become involved, figuring it was a Whole Foods Market corporate project. I’ve always had a passion for music and this something special and I wanted to be a part of it.

I did some research and discovered it was Custom Channels music service that created this wonderful, customized music channel for Whole Foods Market. As a Whole Foods Market employee, I loved that we now had our own station where messaging, designed to improve the customer’s shopping experience and boost sales, could be inserted between the great music.

I emailed Custom Channels to see if they were hiring but, sadly, they were not. Flash forward a year. I left Whole Foods Market and took on a new project called Tea Bar, a tea/coffee shop I helped build from the ground up, open and manage. In the process of opening Tea Bar I knew we’d need in-store music. At first we talked of buying an iPod and uploading music maybe weekly or monthly. This gave me anxiety because I knew it would be a lot of work and I’m such a music fan that I would end up obsessing over my playlists. I had to focus on other, more important issues of running a business. But I DID want a cool, unique sound.

So I decided to give Custom Channels a call since I had loved their Whole Foods Market Radio. Would they have a music service for a “small fry” single store like mine? They did! It was a perfect fit for our coffee/tea shop. The installation was easy; the support was very personalized and efficient; the price was affordable for a start-up; and most important to me: the music was stellar. I was again so impressed with Custom Channels that I wanted to work there; but I was starting to manage Tea Bar.

Jump forward another year. Tea Bar was going smoothly yet I still yearned to be closer to a music-centered business. I took a chance and asked Custom Channels, yet again, if they were hiring. This time, they said ‘yes’.

I’m now a full-time employee of Custom Channels! My job is Customer Care Specialist – partly because I have experience as a store manager and also because I’ve actually used the Custom Channels music service as a retail store manager. My main goal here is to help improve our customer’s experience in a variety of ways.

I’ll be reaching out to our existing music-for-business customers, small and large, to get feedback on our streaming music channels and how we can improve to serve them better. I’ll also go full circle and be involved bringing Whole Foods Market Radio to the next level with music and messaging. In the near future I hope to help our amazing company grow as well as help create an even better in-store music experience.

Yes, I’m gushing about Custom Channels because now I’ve been able to see it from both the outside and the inside and I love what I see.


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