Most businesses play a single music mix throughout the entire day. That mix may have a lot of variety in it with loads of songs so it sounds good all day. It’s one channel, one playlist that’s heard at 10am or 10pm, from open til close. This works well because once you’ve got “your sound” there’s no reason to wander away from that. For most businesses, one sound through the workday fits perfectly for the employees, the customers, and the brand.

There are some businesses, particularly restaurants, where moods can change greatly through the day. The mood of the customer and the mood of the brand shifts with people’s lifestyle so the soundtrack for business might need to evolve throughout the day. We call this “dayparting”. Dayparting is making music adjustments at different benchmark hours to adjust the sound for the time of day.

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A typical example of dayparting is at restaurants. Breakfast music can have a lighter tone. In midday and lunch, the tempo and attitude picks up by playing different artists and different titles. Happy hour can be more fun, rockin’ and upbeat than earlier in the day, and nights can be newer, modern, higher tempo – or perhaps slower, laid back and chill for late night.

Dayparting helps a business bond with the customers in each part of the day. One of our salon/barbershop clients has a “Happy Hour Friday” where the music becomes a party mix every Friday afternoon and evening. For another retailer we created a simple dayparted solution – a daytime mix targeted to a slightly older customer and nighttime mix targeted younger. Not a radical departure but enough where one mix wouldn’t suffice.

With dayparting, we’re not suggesting totally different sounds (like classical mornings, classic rock middays and hip hop at night – although some brands may be able to pull that off). Dayparting is more about adding and subtracting songs and artists from a core library of music. The main style doesn’t radically change – the playlist evolves and shifts around a core sound.

Businesses are able to daypart songs and artists using any of our three music services: All Access, ReMix and Ethos.

With All Access ready-to-go channels, we can program your music player to automatically switch channels at prescribed times so you don’t have to remember to switch the mood.

With ReMix, you can create and schedule multiple playlists for different times, different days, seven days a weeks. The system automatically switches playlists at the right time and never cuts off a song that’s playing.

With our Ethos music service, your individual customized channel is curated by our music professionals. We have the ability to fine-tune the dayparting to make seamless moves from one sound to another creating an overall perfect soundtrack that changes with your business’ mood.

Dayparting songs isn’t necessary for every restaurant, store, office or retailer. But if you need it, we can provide it. As our slogan says “we go beyond background music” which means we’ve developed sophisticated methods to make your at-work soundtrack the best it can be at every hour of the day.