Now you have a choice

Now you have a choice for in-store music & messaging

Custom Channels helps businesses harness the power of professional music programming to connect, engage, entertain and inform customers. As our name implies, we take pride in offering unique, highly personalized custom programming solutions to enhance and reflect music conscious brands.

Music Services Pricing

Have you experienced any of these problems with your current music service?

  • Repetitive playlist  PROBLEM!
  • Limited song selection PROBLEM!
  • Conservative, mass appeal playlists PROBLEM!
  • No options to add/remove songs PROBLEM!
  • Lengthy, no-out, auto-renewing contracts PROBLEM!
  • No Internet streaming options PROBLEM!

Actual inquiries we’ve gotten from people looking for an alternative to Muzak/Mood Media

  • “Currently have Muzak and looking at other possibilities before signing another contract”.
  • “Currently use Muzak in 6 locations. Looking for cost effective way of getting music into all 11 stores.”
  • “Would this be able to replace an existing Muzak service, and is there an eclectic mix of music to choose from?
  • “I’m exploring alternatives to the MOOD/Muzak service being provided at the office building I manage.”
  • “Working with Trusonic / Mood Media now and need more control.”
  • “Currently using Mood Media at our corporate and franchised locations. Looking for alternative. Please contact me asap.”

Let Custom Channels be your alternative to Muzak

  • The latest streaming and audio technology — no discs, no downloading, no satellite dishes, no computers.
  • Massive amount of song titles giving you a wide variety of music that’s not repetitive.
  • Options to create your own mixes and blends, even add and remove songs.
  • Custom “between the songs” branding and messaging.
  • No long term, no auto-renew contracts.
  • Friendly and fast customer service and support.
  • A great music solution for small and medium sized businesses and franschises.

We offer three options for in-store music

ETHOS — “Built For You” fully custom channels (uniquely created for each client by our music curators)
REMIX — “Personalized” playlists (create your own mixes and blends)
ALL ACCESS — “Ready To Go” listening (30+ channels managed by our music curators)

We can solve your music problems!

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