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Discovering What Songs Can Be Hit Songs

Posted by John on July 4th, 2010

Why do some songs become hit songs and others don’t become hits?  That’s a question that has puzzled music industry veterans for decades.  There’s a music service that claims to be able to predict the hits.  It’s called Hit Predictor by Promosquad.  The company tests songs early on, sometimes before they’re released, to find out the song’s “hit potential.”  That’s a service that music labels and managers would dearly love…if it’s correct in predicting hits.  Then the label or manager won’t waste their time on new bands or songs that clearly don’t display hit potential.

Here’s how Prosquad explains their service:
“A little over five years ago we started testing songs before airplay. At first we didn’t believe it ourselves, but now, after testing almost every release from the past five years, the HitPredictor has shown incredible accuracy in determining the hit potential of new songs prior to airplay. Songs are blind tested online by Promosquad using multiple listens and a nationwide sample of carefully profiled music consumers. Songs are rated on a 1-5 scale; final results are based on weighted positives. Songs with a score of 65 or more are judged to have hit potential, although that benchmark number can fluctuate per format based on the strength of available music.”

Promosquad covers many formats from Top to Country, Urban to Alternative Rock. If you don’t see your favorite new song on the HitPredictor charts, chances are it failed in their testing to become a hit.

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