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Sshh – Retail Chain Turns Off Music In 3,900 Stores

Posted by John on July 8th, 2010

Dollar Tree has stopped playing music in its stores in order to “save money”. True! It’s so rare to find a retail store without music that Dollar Tree may be unplugging the music as much for publicity as anything else.

dollar tree

Music is an important element for retailers. Many stores carefully create custom playlists that put shoppers in a buying frame of mind. It’s more pleasant to shop when there’s music that fit’s the store’s mood and environment. Music is also an important element in branding and establishing an overall image.  And employees benefit from having great music in their work place.  Happier employees = better customer service. Plus, a music service, like Custom Channels, is very affordable.

They might as well turn off the air conditioning or heat to save money.  Music is as integral to business as the lightning, furniture and signage.  A quiet store is an uncomfortable environment.

Dollar Tree’s decision to turn off music in their 3,899 stores is being played out on the company’s Facebook page.  And there’s even a Facebook page titled “We will not shop at Dollar Tree anymore unless they bring the music back”.

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