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Sneaky Employees Can Mess Up Your Music

Posted by John on April 28th, 2016

This is a topic for anyone who is an owner/manager and supervises employees at a business. Ever had employees switch the in-house music mix? Unfortunately, it happens more often than it should. Typically it happens when the boss/manager has stepped out or has left for the day. As the owner or manager you may not even know the employees are changing the music.

The Employee Problem

Many businesses put quite a bit of thought into what music mix sounds best in their store/restaurant/office and what songs/genre best reflects their brand, vibe and image. Consistency is a key to audio branding with music.

When an employee switches the music mix because “they don’t like it,” it’s undermining the business plan in much the same way as if an employee didn’t want to make or sell certain products, dressed differently than was called for, or changed the way food was named and served.

employee switchingAs an example, we often see businesses that use Pandora, and have a specified playlist or station for in-store use, be susceptible to employees switching to their own personal Pandora station. In businesses that use SiriusXM satellite radio or music services that offer large number of channels, it’s very tempting for employees to switch around and pick other music channels that fit their mood, not the brand’s mood.

Sometimes employees will even bypass the music system altogether and plug in their own phone or iPod with their music — even connecting their phone to their personal Spotify or iTunes playlists.

Managers Have Options

Employee coaching and management is the obvious solution. It boils down to having best hiring practices, then managing people well and having employees follow the rules. This can be a challenge for many businesses. If you’ve got a great group of people who respect the rules, then likely no music problem.

Here’s some solutions to avoid having sneaky employees mess up your music. At Custom Channels, we offer specific music channels streamed to each location. We can set the player so only one music mix is streamed – the correct one. No temptation to switch around.

employee iphoneOur All Access music service offers lots of choice with over 40 channels. But with all that choice, we recommend having only one or a couple of All Access channels available to use on the player. That way there’s no danger of switching to country or hip-hop if it’s not on your channel line up. Some services say you have to take ALL of their channels or none. With Our All Access service it’s not an all-or-nothing deal — you can custom design your channel lineup with exactly the style and number of channels you want.

With both our All Access and ReMix music services, all music and playlist changes are made on a secure client dashboard with user name and password so that only those people with access can make changes. The player doesn’t have any buttons for employees to mess with and your ReMix channel is the only channel available. You control everything!

Our tip to thwart adventurous employees from disconnecting your player and plugging in their own device with different music is to locate the music player behind a locked door or in a less accessible area where it is not easy for employees to switch music sources.

Of course, nothing makes up for hiring the right people who understand your rules, your brand and your business’s style of music. And nothing makes up for using the best music service provider. That’s us, Custom Channels!

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