Ethos Frequently Asked Questions

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What happens when I remove a song from my Ethos channel?

When you click the “Remove Song” button on your “Recently Played” list, our music programmers are notified that you would like this song removed from your playlist. During the next update of your playlist, which your channel’s music programmer does frequently, this song will be removed. It is possible you may hear this song again before an update is made, but don’t worry, we will get it removed from your playlist as soon as possible.

How do I add a song to my Ethos channel?

On the “Recently Played” page click on “Play more songs like this” icon. This will alert us that this is a sound/artist/song you like. Contact your Custom Channels music programmer to add specific songs.

Who can remove songs or like songs on my Ethos channel?

Only the channel “owner” can mark songs to be removed or “Play more songs like this”. The “owner” is one person at your business, usually designated when your account started.