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Exceeding Expectations – Our Reminders From The U2 Concert

Posted by John on May 24th, 2011

We’re into music here at SBR Custom Channels and that means going to lots of concerts. Founders and co-presidents John Bradley and Dave Rahn, along with their families, went to the U2 Denver stadium show recently. We say show because it was so much more than a concert – it was a show, a performance, an extravaganza, an event.

U2’s 360 Tour reminded us…

Exceed expectations. U2 has done some amazing tours over the years.  Other bands have done some amazing events live. So we were prepared to be amazed. We were…and more. U2 went above and beyond our expectations.
Reminder to us: Don’t settle for good enough by meeting expectations. Don’t settle for “it’s what our competition does so we will, too.” Challenge yourself to do better.

Community service. For U2 it’s a global community service of amnesty, health and human rights. The event raised awareness about global connections and worldwide needs.
Reminder to us: There’s more to business than just creating products, services or entertainment. Community service is about doing something to help others. Community service can help deepen the connection with your fans and customers.

Keep it fresh, keep improving. It seemed that with each song the stage or lights or screen did something that we hadn’t yet seen that night. Each song had an “oh wow, can you believe that?” moment. The creativity didn’t seem to stop.
Reminder to us: Don’t create a good product and then leave it alone. Build. Surprise. Amaze. From “the daily lunch special” to “new and improved”, create enthusiastic fans and customers with new and fresh specials and additions.

Little things make an impression. In the 45 minutes between the opening act and U2, the screen above the stage showed a continuous scrolling list of global facts. It did several things: kept the audience mentally occupied during the long intermission; was part of the community service/global awareness; and was that different, fresh twist on a typical concert.
Reminder to us: Sometimes it’s the small things that make a difference. It’s Seth Godin’s “Free Prize Inside”. What does your business do that’s small but memorable?

When you get big, it’s no time to coast. Name another band or musician that could fill stadium concerts worldwide. Just because U2 is at the top doesn’t mean they take that for granted by simply selling tickets and showing up with the “here we are” attitude.
Reminder to us: When you get to be famous/the biggest/number one or even “been around a long time”, it’s no time to coast. Try even harder. The real competition is yourself as you strive to be your best again, and again, and again.

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