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Behind The Music At Floyd’s, The Barbershop With Its Own Radio Channel

Posted by John on February 16th, 2012

“I’m usually skeptical of chains but they have become my local barbershop.”
“The atmosphere rocks! Really.”
“I’m an absolute idiot. I’ve been going to Great Clips for the last few years. I’m a cheap bastard, and now I regret it. I could have gotten my hair cut at Floyd’s.”

These are a sample of the many passionate comments from Floyd’s 99 Barbershop customers. Floyd’s is winning a lot of fans, including us. Custom Channels has been producing the in-house music mix for Floyds 99 Barbershops, called Floyd’s 99 Radio, since summer 2008. An Internet radio station was added to Floyd’s 99 web site in 2010 so that their fans can get that Floyd’s music experience whenever they want to in between cuts.

To find out more about Floyd’s 99 Radio, we talked to Karl Wimer, Head of Marketing, and Rob O’Brien, one of the founders of Floyds 99 Barbershops.

Q: Describe the mood, attitude or vibe of Floyd’s 99 Radio:
A: “Hip, high energy, relevant, a bit of the old stuff connecting nicely with the hottest hits of today.  Not just the old favorites you hear on classic rock stations, but the quality ‘B’ sides from your favorite old albums that you don’t typically hear.”

Q: Why is a custom music mix is important, as opposed to playing an existing channel other businesses may also use?
A: It speaks to our brand. We are unique and one of a kind, and we want our music to reflect this. Our customers expect a different kind of music when they step into our shop, and have come to love it on their computer between cuts.

Q: What’s the reaction from customers and employees to Floyd’s 99 Radio?
A: They love our music and the shout outs that provide a personalized feel.  The variety is welcome for our staff, and exposes our customers to music they might never have heard before.

Q: Anything else you’d like to add about Floyd’s 99 Radio?
A: It’s super easy to use and what a tremendous problem solver it has been for us.

Despite having 99 in the name, there are currently 55 Floyd’s Barbershops (and more being added) across the USA all playing Floyd’s 99 Radio – powered by Custom Channels.

Read part two, customer comments about Floyd’s Radio here.That’s a photo of Custom Channels President Dave Rahn getting his hair cut by Liberty, a stylist at Floyd’s Barbershop in Frisco, Texas (near Dallas).

More behind-the-music info on Floyd’s 99 Barbershop, including a peek at the man who picks the music: Custom Channels Music Director Jason Lucero, the Floyd’s 99 Radio mixmaster!

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