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Sometimes You Get Great Music In Unexpected Places. Buzz Bands Meet Buzz Cuts At Floyd’s.

Posted by John on March 29th, 2011

Time to rave about a barbershop. For most men and women, getting a hair cut is either A) a cheap, fast, get-it-out-of-the-way chore…or B) an expensive, time consuming, expensive, often boring, expensive, indulgence at a high-end salon. Floyd’s is neither. It’s quite different. It’s actually fun.

That’s why we’re raving about Floyd’s 99 Barbershop, a Custom Channels client. They’re branding and marketing is A+. And it helps that they have their own radio station: Floyd’s 99 Radio heard in-stores and online.

Don’t think Floyd’s from Mayberry. Think Hard Rock Cafe meets lively neighborhood pub where the music is cranking and everybody’s having a good time. Pool table in a barbershop? Yes!


It’s not a like any salon or barbershop you’ve seen. You’ll get music rockin’-the-house from Floyd’s own radio station, rock posters wallpapered solid on every wall, a comfortable chair and kick-ass service from an elite team of stylists and barbers. Sounds crazy but it actually is a de-stress-ifying, music powered environment.

Founded in Denver by the O’Brien brothers, Paul, Rob and Bill, Floyd’s Barbershop now has 49 locations nationally and growing with franchised and company-owned shops.

Floyd’s 99 Radio is built and managed by Custom Channels. Our music director, Jason Lucero, picks all the music and creates a unique playlist that blends new & indie rock, classic rock and pop with R&B, hip-hop and classic soul. A playlist of over 3,900 songs is mixed live and constantly changes to avoid repetition and sameness for both employees and customers. The channel takes requests via email and employees can record shout-outs on their iPhone that air between songs.

Custom Channels Music Director Jason Lucero – the Floyd’s 99 Radio mixmaster!


Many inquires have come into Custom Channels after other businesses’ CEOs, owners and managers have gotten their hair cut at Floyd’s. Our co-President Dave Rahn summed it up this way: “Floyd’s 99 Radio is attention getting for both Floyd’s and Custom Channels. It’s in the foreground and active in the stores. It’s not background music but part of the experience. People notice it and love it and we’ve gotten calls about it from other interested clients. They want to know “can my business get a radio station like Floyd’s?”


We mentioned that Floyd’s 99 Radio is heard in-stores and online. So we highly recommend you hear it in the actual Floyd’s Barbershop environment while getting your hair cut or styled. Yes – for both men and women. But if there’s no Floyd’s near you, or if you’re naturally bald, go online and hear how Jason has blended the custom music mix on Floyd’s 99 Radio.

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