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Floyd’s 99 Barbershops Enjoy Custom Radio

Posted by John on October 1st, 2010

Visit a Floyd’s 99 Barbershop anywhere in the U.S. and you’ll hear in-store music powered by Custom Channels.  “It’s a fun, hip channel with lots of attitude customized for the Floyd’s rock & roll atmosphere”, said Jason Lucero, Custom Channels Music Director.  There are 47 Floyd’s locations around the country, both franchised and company-owned, with more opening all the time.


Custom Channels was invited to provide the music for the Floyd’s 99 Franchisee Convention this summer in Vail, Colorado.  Pictured here listening to the custom playlist at the Floyd’s cocktail party are (L to R) Dave Rahn, co-President of Custom Channels, Rob O’Brien and Megan Nohelty of Floyd’s, and Lucero.

You can listen to what’s playing inside Floyd’s 99 Barbershops anytime at their online radio station.

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