Here at Custom Channels we get inquiries about music services from people who use SiriusXM satellite radio in retail stores, restaurants, dental practices, and offices. One of the main reasons they’re interested in switching music services is because of repetition – the same songs every day. Owners, managers, and employees tell us they hear the same songs repeated in the same day, and repeated day after day, on many of the SiriusXM satellite radio channels.

We’ve been hearing this complaint for a long time. Four years ago we checked out SiriusXM’s playlist repetition in this blog and found it to be high. We revisited the topic and found that nothing’s changed from 2010 to 2014 (the week of April 8-14) on some of the popular SiriusXM channels being used in stores and businesses.

The same song got played on satellite radio:The same song got played on satellite radio:

  • “Sirius Hits-1”, 127 times weekly / 18 times daily
  • “20 On 20”, 69 times weekly / 10 times daily
  • “BPM”, 67 times weekly / 9-10 times daily
  • “Pulse”, 62 times weekly / 9 times daily
  • “The Highway”, 54 times weekly / 6 times daily
  • “Alt Nation”, 50 times weekly / 7 times daily
  • “Spectrum”, 47 times weekly / 7 times daily
  • “The Blend”, 34 times weekly / 5 times daily

SiriusXM satellite radio is appropriate and popular for many individual listeners. It’s found in millions of automobiles. Of course, there’s news, talk, traffic, and sports channels, too.

But many SiriusXM satellite radio channels are built more for in-and-out listening, in-car commuting listening, and consumer listening – not in-store or in-office play. Many business people have found that SiriusXM is rarely the best music service for all day, at-work, leave-it-on listening in businesses. They find not only song repetition but hear songs that aren’t appropriate (bad lyrics) for a business setting or public environment, and often encounter talk and even jingles on some of the music channels.

It’s interesting that many medical offices and dental practices seem to try SiriusXM for their music service and end up calling us. We get phone calls and emails from doctors, dentists, medical assistants and office managers who are interested in switching.

A solution to hearing the same thing again: 

We design music channels for businesses without relying on small, repetitive music libraries. We craft our All Access channels for an 8-hour workday and we don’t play the same song at the same times day after day. With our ReMix music service, you can customize your own channel so you can repeat songs as often or as infrequently as you want. And with ReMix, you can remove a song you’re tired of. You can’t do that with SiriusXM.

There’s so much good music available; why repeat songs so often?