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“We Provide a Great Experience; Music is a Critical Component of that Experience.”

Posted by John on August 3rd, 2015

We continue to profile retail stores and restaurants that use Custom Channels for music. Ever had a pita stuffed with french fries? New food concept Frites is powered by the perfect french fry with music powered by Custom Channels. Frites is a good example of why Custom Channels is an excellent music solution for small businesses, start-ups, and franchises.

Q&A with Richard A. Scott, Frites founder and CEO


CC: Tell us about your new restaurant.

RS: Frites is a new fast-casual restaurant that creates delicious meals with fresh, perfect french fries. We were inspired by the Belgian’s renowned “Pommes Frites”, considered some of the world’s best french fries. We had a dream to bring these fresh, hand-cut, twice-fried “frites” to the U.S. and serve them in creative and delicious ways.

CC: Why is music important to the restaurant environment?

RS: Customers are looking for a complete experience when dining out. In today’s competative market, diners want combinations of great food, great service, and a comfortable atmosphere. At Frites, we focused on building a modern, trendy setting and fantastic food, and asked Custom Channels to help deliver great sounds for our customers.

CC: Why is music important to Frites?

RS: Eating delicious food goes far beyond fulfilling a basic human need. Great food stimulates your senses. Sight, smell, taste and feel all come into play. We find that adding great music and providing that critical fifth sense (hearing) makes for a far more enjoyable, complete experience. Frites is more than great food – we aim to provide a great “experience” and music is another critical component of that experience.

CC: How can music make a customer’s visit to Frites better/more memorable?

RS: Music acts subtly on a person, frequently subliminally. Music can trigger emotions, recall memories and alter feelings.  People can find themselves tapping their toes to a tune without realizing they are doing it. At Frites, we know it is crucial to create the right atmosphere to match our fresh, unique food.  When a customer visits Frites, they do not analyze all the little details but leave knowing they had a great experience. Music is a big part of that great experience.


CC: Tell us about the music playing at Frites – what’s the sound, the vibe?

RS: We wanted a mix of music styles that was uniquely Frites. Our customers range from young teens to folks in their 50’s and up. Settling on a single genre would have appealed to some but alienated others. We know we wanted a mix of recognizable tunes, but also some deeper tracks that would set Frites apart from other restaurants. Our sound is a mix of Alternative Rock, Electronic, and few other eclectic styles. We do subtle dayparting to meet the needs of the crew and customers. We like to give the crew their own music styles during open and close, and we adjust the music a little from lunch to evening depending on our demographics.

CC: Do you play your music mostly for your customers, your employees, or both?

RS: Music is as important for keeping our crew motivated as it is for creating the perfect atmosphere for our customers. Our crew tells us that time goes quicker and they feel more upbeat when they hear good music. Our customers tell us that our music enhances their visit to Frites, so Custom Channels allows us to achieve a win-win with both employees and customers!

CC: What other music options have you tried? Other music services or your own players?

RS: None. We’re brand new!

CC: How is it working with Custom Channels?

RS: Custom Channels has been responsible, professional and accommodating. From the day we first reached out to Custom Channels, we could not be happier with the service, the people and the overall experience.

CC: What would you tell other business owners about music for their restaurant or retail store?

RS: For a minimum investment, bringing music to your restaurant or retail location is a must. It has been proven time and time again that consumers respond positively to good music, and elevating your atmosphere with the right sounds can improve your image and sales.

CC: If you had to narrow it down, what songs or artists are the best example of the Frites vibe?​

RS: At Frites we prefer a diverse mix of music.  Some tunes that have resonated for us while listening to the Custom Channels Remix service are:

  • “Short skirt. Long Jacket.” by Cake – Young, fun and catchy.
  • “You Wish” by Nightmares on Wax – Perfect blend of electronic harmonies and rhythmic beat.
  • “Rather Be (feat. Jess Glynne)” by Clean Bandit – Violins and synths, in a modern mix – blends perfectly with our modern/throwback look.
  • “Ring of Fire” by Johnny Cash – Proof that a song from 1963 stands the test of time. Great blend of country and rock.
  • “Seven Nation Army” – by White Stripes – Perfect bass riff and solid percussion beats blend with Jack Whites’ guitar prowess. Toe tapping fun for french fry snacking.
  • “Slide” by The Goo Goo Dolls – Acoustic alt-rock at it’s best. Melds perfectly with the Frites modern look.


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