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8th Consecutive Year of Growth for Custom Channels

Posted by John on January 19th, 2017

Custom Channels music service experienced another impressive growth year in 2016. The number of in-store locations that hear Custom Channels music mixes is in the thousands increasing 43% in the past year. We love music and we love our clients that trust us with the sound in their business. Thanks!

“There is a large business community that is looking for a better music mix than they’ve been getting from Pandora, Muzak, Mood Media or SiriusXM,” said John Bradley, Chief Music Officer of Custom Channels. “The inquiries are also looking for a music service that’s legal for business use – pays music royalties and licensing – unlike the free consumer Spotify many stores and restaurants have tried. Our number of locations served has doubled in 24 months!”

Custom Channels is filling a large need for better music, easier-to-use streaming systems, and excellent customer service for businesses of all sizes and categories. Growth in number of locations served in 2014 was 34% with a 36% increase in 2015.

Custom Channels is a streaming music service designed for music conscious brands. We create in-store and online music channels for businesses. Our clients are engaged with the music. Many of our new clients are switching from Pandora and Spotify, which are fine for individual consumers, but businesses discover that Custom Channels is made for business.

We provide outstanding, individualized music and messaging service for clients that range from one location to hundreds. Even though we’re growing, we strive to give the best music experience and client service to the single shop or the four hundred plus store brand. Upscale restaurants, modern pizza chains, hotels, grocery stores, health care facilities, retail stores, spas and hair salons are just a few of the businesses that say “my music is from Custom Channels!”

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