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Music Has Become An Important Competitive Tool For Business Owners

Posted by John on August 2nd, 2012

Since you’re reading this blog by Custom Channels, you probably have some appreciation for the importance of music in retail stores, restaurants and businesses. You probably feel that the right music can have a positive impact on purchasing decisions, customer moods, store ambiance, brand image and employee well-being.

The impact of music in public spaces

To help prove these points, a Swedish music marketing firm, Heartbeats International, conducted research study last year to gauge the impact of music in public spaces (shops, malls, supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, transportation services, sports stadiums, gyms and workplaces). Their research of 1,000 Swedes between the ages of 16 and 64 reinforced much of what many of us believe about music in the workplace, including these “truths”:

  • People would rather live without sports, movies and newspapers than live without music.
  • Playing the right music in your business makes consumers stay longer.
  • Music played in your business affects consumers’ opinion of your brand.
  • Music enhances wellbeing amongst employees in workplaces.

Now, the ABBA phenomenon aside, we’d bet U.S. consumers are at least as into music as are their Swedish counterparts. So if you’re looking for additional support for the importance of music in your business, you might want to view the study PDF here.

It’s a quick read and worthwhile for anyone interested in the role of music in the workplace and retail space.

Ready for a music makeover for your business?

Talk to us at Custom Channels. We’re employing new methods and technologies that offer larger playlists, more frequent updates, and better sound quality than many of our larger competitors. We can also recommend audio system professionals to help your store, restaurant or business sound as good as it can!

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