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In-Store Messaging “Makes Music A Sales Tool”

Posted by John on June 1st, 2010

Church’s Chicken has the right idea.  They were looking for a new music provider for their fast food restaurants.  They decided on a company that could provide messaging between the songs. “To me, that was the clincher. Instead of music being just an overhead cost, Eos makes store music a sales tool” said Tom Coppola, a sales manager for Applied Media Technologies Corporation in a press release *.  Coppola says, “Church’s stores are enthusiastically embracing the concept. They’re using the messaging to promote high-margin sides and desserts, along with things many customers aren’t aware of, like catering.”

That’s exactly the kind of philosophy Custom Channels believes in with music and messaging.  Any business can play Sirius/XM satellite radio, but there’s no customization of the music mix combined with powerful messaging.  And many businesses play music from ipods or CDs, but again, there’s zero messaging that can be of interest to the customer and increase sales. Custom Channels designs in-store and on-line music channels complete with messaging. It’s like a business having it’s own customized radio station playing in every location.

* AMTC distributes Eos under an agreement with Eos Music Corporation.

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