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Seven Things To Listen For With Your Existing In-Store Music Channel

Posted by John on January 4th, 2011

1. How the songs fit together. Do the songs fade completely out and then there’s a few seconds of nothing before the next song starts?  That “dead air” kind of stops the flow in the overall music mix and zaps out the energy from your business environment.  It’s a little chasm of “boring quiet” between songs, like you’re tracking an album.  At Custom Channels, there’s no dead air.  We mix the songs together, professionally, so the music keeps the tempo and mood consistent.

2. Sound quality. Sure, it can be hard to overcome a cavernous, echoey space but it starts with good sounding audio.  Put on a pair of headphones and listen to the music as it comes out of the system.  Is it a full sound with highs and low?  Or does it sound like AM radio?  Custom Channels’ internet audio quality is full digital stereo sound.

3. Music variety. The music can sound good for 30 minutes while a customer is listening, but how about hour after hour, day after day?  The same songs day in, day out can drive the employees crazy to the point of customers hearing employees say “argh, not that song again.”  Custom Channels music is programmed to be great for both short term listening by customers and long term listening by employees and managers.

4. That song doesn’t fit! We’ve been in businesses where we wonder “why are they playing that song!?”  With many in-store music systems, you have little to no say about what songs are played.  You’re running the business and don’t want to micro-manage the playlist but if you hear a song that’s not right, you want it fixed.  We’re responsive to clients tastes and perspectives.  Our custom music channels can be updated “right now” rather than waiting days, weeks or next month to get the music changed and songs added or removed.

5. Is it your music or someone else’s?
Does your in-store music sound like a string of songs from anybody’s ipod with no branding, no voice, no messaging?  A custom music mix should occasionally be branded with the brand name to remind customers that this is a special music mix just for them.  It’s not an interruption or talk break, it’s a few relevant words to match the time, place and mood.  Messaging can also make the employees feel good that they’ve got “their own radio station.”

6. Where’s the music? Employees sometimes forget to turn the music system on.  Or the CD runs out.  Or the ipod playlist comes to an end.  Yeah, it happens and it’s an energy drain when there’s no music in a business location.  The Custom Channels’ system can set a timer to make your channel automatically turn on or off at specific times or switch to a different channel when you want the mood to change.

7. Employees change the music when the boss is away. Frustrating.  It happens all too often when businesses use FM radio, CDs, ipods, Sirius/XM, Rhapsody or Pandora.  You’ve gone to the trouble of selecting the right music mix for your store, and then an employee takes over when you’re not there, even if the employee manual says “don’t do that”.  We monitor Custom Channels from our office so we can tell if the channel is changed or the player is turned off.  When you have your own custom channel designed just for your business, rather than an off-the-shelf generic channel, it’s not likely employees will want to turn it off because it’s “their channel”.

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