Our Music Player

The Easy Way to Play Our Music Service

Custom Channels streams our music service over to the Internet to your business location. It’s received on a professional Internet music player that’s designed with reliability, flexibility and easy management. No computer is needed.



Plug + Play

In three simple steps it’s easy to connect the pre-tuned music player to your existing audio system and network. We include all the Ethernet and audio cables you’ll need. We connect to the Internet via Ethernet cable for hard-wired dependability.




In just a few minutes you’ll be listening to music without spending time trying to figure it out. Our music player is proven technology used by thousands of businesses and service providers worldwide. There are no moving parts, unlike a computer hard-drive which is prone to failure. Our music player can be remotely configured, monitored and managed by Custom Channels.

Geek out on more details and specs about our music player.