About Our Music Player

The Easy Way to Play Our Music Service

Manufactured by Streamit, the Lisa LCD Ultimate features uninterrupted audio with advanced buffer management. Our music player is proven technology used by thousands of businesses and service providers worldwide. There are no moving parts, unlike a computer hard-drive which is prone to failure. It can be remotely configured, monitored and managed by Custom Channels.

Connect the Ethernet cable (included) to a router, switch or other Internet outlet. Connect the audio cable (included) to an amplifier, stereo or in-house sound system. That’s it!


  • High quality digital audio utilizing AAC+ and Ogg Vorbis encoded streams
  • Low bandwidth requirement: less than 100kbps
  • Standard RJ-45 Ethernet (Cat 5/6) wired network connection
  • DHCP (standard) or user-assignable fixed IP configurable
  • HTTP Protocol (port 80) streaming
  • All stream requests initiated by player; no outside access through firewall is required
  • Advanced buffer to compensate for brief network interruptions or congestion
  • Remote monitoring, channel daypart scheduling and updates by Custom Channels
  • No vulnerable operating system that could be hacked
  • No moving parts or hard drive to fail
  • Low power consumption: only 3 watts
  • Included: Custom Channels music player, AC power supply,
    7-foot Ethernet cable, 3-foot stereo audio cable


  • LCD displays channel name and title/artist
  • Five preset buttons; scroll to access additional channels
  • Optional rack mount kit
  • Optional remote control
  • Size: 8.5 x 4.5 x 2 (inch), 1.5 pounds

  • Small compact size
  • No controls so employees cannot change channels
  • Size: 4 x 3.5 x 1 (inch), 9 ounces

Plug + Play

Follow these simple steps to set up your pre-tuned music player with your existing audio system and network.




Place your Custom Channels music player close to your Internet connection, your stereo system and power. We’ve shipped everything you need to get going:

      • Music player
      • 5V power supply
      • Ethernet (Internet) cable
      • RCA stereo audio cables



Connect to the Internet

      • Use Ethernet cable to connect music player to Internet connection/router



Connect to the Amplifier

      • One end of the audio cable to the music player
      • Other end of audio cable to AUX or CD input on amplifier



Connect to Power

        • Using supplied 5V adapter, connect music player to power
        • Press power button on the front, lower right corner of the player
        • Player may take up to 30 seconds to play music

Need help? See our Help/FAQ page or email support@CustomChannels.net