The Best Music Mix For Your Business

Custom Channels provides curated and fully-licensed streaming music services for music conscious brands.

Three Options to Meet Your Custom Music Needs and Budget

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The Best Music for Your Business – Features & Benefits Included with All of Our Music Services

  • Streaming music service for business. Use your existing internet connection and sound system.
  • Simplicity of plug-n-play. Our easy to install player connects to your sound system.
  • Fully licensed with all ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, GMR and SoundExchange license fees and reporting included.
  • Highest quality digital sound with no variations in volume from song to song.
  • No talk or interruptions from commercials, promos or DJs.
  • Music screened for explicit words. No F-bombs and such allowed in lyrics.
  • Private client dashboard to see recently played songs and more.
  • Flexibility of no long term contract required.
  • No risk with a full 45-day money back guarantee for All Access and ReMix.

ALL ACCESS, our Hands-Off Music Service for Business

All Access gives you many fully licensed, ready-to-go music channels with playlists continuously updated by the same music
professionals who create our premium Ethos fully custom channels. There’s nothing to build, modify or manage – just enjoy the music!

We create large playlists with low repetition. Our All Access channels are designed with the workday in mind. You can pick the one sound that fits your brand and environment. Or, if you love lots of variety, you can switch channels anytime based on time-of-day or mood. All Access has multiple channels to choose from, all professionally programmed and continuously updated. There’s no loops or same sequence of songs that play.

Easily see recently played songs on your private online client dashboard and customize the channel lineup on your in-store player. Restaurants love All Access because it gives managers and employees the freedom to run their business and serve their customers without having to be distracted with managing the music mix and choices.

REMIX, the Music Service for Business Where You’re In Control

ReMix is where you get to create and manage your own custom channel. You choose the music styles you want, adjust how your styles are mixed, and even add and remove songs from our huge online music library. ReMix gives you two ways to create custom playlists: combine our curated music styles or handpick each song. Either way, create multiple playlists for different days and times.

Your online client dashboard lets you see recently played songs, add or remove songs anytime, and create multiple playlists. Add your own messaging to highlight your brand name, sales or promotions.

Multiple locations? Each store or restaurant can share one ReMix channel or create individual mixes for each location.

Many restaurants use ReMix because it gives managers and owners the ability to create their own playlists personalized to their restaurant mood, vibe and energy.

ETHOS, the Ultimate Music Solution for Business

With Ethos, our music experts work with you and your team to develop a 100% unique music mix. It’s personalized service – like having your own music director building and updating a custom-crafted playlist to reflect your brand’s image. You can be as hands-on or as hands-off as you like with picking the music.

Ethos creates the unique music mix you can’t find from other music services because they don’t have the songs. It’s a one-of-a-kind sound that no other business in the world will have, only yours. Your personal music director consults with you about the perfect music mix, and then keeps your channel updated and fresh without you having to manage the details. Playlists created fresh daily.

Your online client dashboard lets you see recently played songs, request songs, and remove songs you no longer want to hear at your business.

Use Custom Channels with SONOS Speakers

Sonos® is the wireless music system that lets you place small and powerful speakers around your business. Our music service integrates seamlessly through the Sonos app — there’s no additional equipment to buy or other apps to download. Control your music channel and your account on your private Custom Channels online client dashboard.

Custom Channels is one of the few options to play music legally in businesses using Sonos. All of our three music services sound great using Sonos.


If your music sounds broken, get a better music mix playing in your restaurant or store. Get the perfect sound for your business with Custom Channels music service.

Not all music sources are created equally. We offer first class customer service along with a massive library of songs and artists that fit in a public, business environment. Not all songs are created to be played for your customers.

Symptoms of broken music at your store, restaurant or place of business:

  • Too many songs you don’t like, that don’t fit your vibe.
  • Songs frequently play that are too slow, or too loud.
  • You want more classic older songs but don’t hear enough.
  • You want more newer, contemporary songs but you get too many oldies.
  • The song selection rarely changes – it’s the same songs all the time.
  • If you want familiar hits, you’re hearing way too many obscure songs you don’t know.
  • If you want to avoid mass appeal hits and go deeper, all you are hearing is burned out, over-played hits.

If these symptoms describe your music, Fix Your Mix by contacting Custom Channels.

REMIX, When You Want to Create Your Own Customized Playlists

What’s most popular in ReMix? We have hundreds of business users that are creating playlists using our curated music styles. The music experts at Custom Channels have selected hundreds or thousands of songs for each music style. Then, users select how much of each style they want included in their playlist. From there, users can add or remove individual songs.

Here are the most popular, most used ReMix music styles from our Custom Channels users.

Today’s Top 40  Up-to-the-minute hits. Tune in to hear what’s hot today. We filter out explicit lyrics and play edited versions of songs. Today’s Top 40 hits often have edgy and suggestive lyrics that are perfect for some but not all businesses.

Bright Mix  Our music curators blend hits and album tracks from rock, alternative, pop and singers & songwriters for a contemporary sound. An authentic playlist with mainstream variety.

Classic Rock That Rocks  Legendary Classic Rock from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s — music that stands the test of time. Get ready for guitars and rock and roll classics.

Sunny  A contemporary sound that shines brightly with big hits, up & coming releases, big stars and rising stars. Positive and upbeat, stylish and lively, always adult.

Pop!  For any business that wants to sound young and fun, here’s your channel of the best Pop! hits and less-known Pop! gems. Lots of energy to create that youthful vibe.

Indie Rock  This new era of bands plays left-of-center, whether it’s back-to-basics Alt-Folk, or beat-oriented Indie Pop. Great for a business that wants to avoid the mainstream and sound independent.

Uptown Groove  We call it Uptown because this channel emotes an urban, metropolitan, big city vibe. With Groove in the title, you know it’s going have a consistent beat and cool rhythm.

Modern Rock  Where 21st Century Modern Rock and Alternative Rock fuse. Discover new rock bands side-by-side with the big names of the past ten years.

Adult Rock Crossroads  The intersection of blues based rock, singer/songwriters, jam bands, classic rooted artists and adult alternative music from six decades, the 60s and 70s to now. Often known as World Class Rock or Triple A.

80’s New Wave  Before Alternative there was New Wave. Recapture the 80’s explosion of new sounds from Britain, America and beyond. It’s new wave, modern music and synth pop from the glorious 1980’s.

Alt Rock Now & Then  We shuffle Alternative Rock from the 1990s with Modern Rock from this century, and mix in some new Alt Rock, too, for a Now & Then experience.

See all of the available ReMix styles here.