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Life Is Good Internet Radio Spreads Positive Vibes

Posted by John on March 8th, 2012

Internet Radio has liberated brands from being bound only to traditional media outlets to spread their message.

Life is good, the apparel and clothing accessories wholesaler, retailer, and lifestyle brand, has built a loyal fan following over the past two decades. People identify themselves by the clothes they wear and Life is good has managed to become more than just the clothes themselves.  The brand places emphasis on simplicity, humor and humility — along with a positive attitude and an emphasis on music.  One way Life is good stays connected with fans/customers is through their own Internet radio station, powered by Custom Channels.

Titled appropriately “Life is good Radio”, the eclectic playlist is heard online at Life is good’s web site and in select Life is good retail stores nationwide.  So now, fans of Life is good can listen to the brand’s positive vibe on mobile, at home, and at work when they’re not directly shopping and still remain connected to the mood and attitude of the brand.

Custom Channels Q&A with James MacDonald, Director of Good Vibes, at Life is good

CC: Why did you put an Internet radio station on a clothing company’s web site?  
JM: We have been looking for ways to connect our fans with the “Life is good” lifestyle and to give them an optimistic boost that reflected the values of the brand.  Given that we are hosting The Life is good Festival, which is a two-day music event, this was a great chance to use music as a way to give our fans more of the brand.

CC: Who picks the music for Life is good Radio?  
JM: I pick it, along with Custom Channels Music Director Jason Lucero.

CC: What are a few musicians or bands that really embody the optimistic spirit of Life is good Radio?
JM: Jack Johnson, Bob Marley, Michael Franti and Ingrid Michaelson are right down the middle for us.

CC: How do you promote Life is good Radio?
JM: We do very little other than giving it a prominent button on our website and the occasional facebook post and tweet reminding people about the station.

CC: What are people telling you about Life is good Radio?  
JM: Our fans love it.   They like that it’s not a specific genre of music, but a varied mix of new tracks, classics and some funky curve balls.  All in all, people tell us that they love the vibe it helps create in their daily lives.

CC: Does Life is good Radio lead to more time consumers spend looking at your products?
JM: We have seen a nice connection between the station and purchased at  Each month we can track how many purchases are made directly from the online music player and there is some nice added revenue to

CC: Music has always been a part of the Life is good brand.  Why?

JM: Music unites people!  It sets a tone and a mood and there is no better way to bring a group of people together to celebrate…after all that’s what Life is good is about; celebrating what’s right in the world.
CC: Would you recommend an Internet radio station to other brands?
If you have a brand that has a strong lifestyle component it’s a no-brainer. It can help strengthen the things people come to understand about “who” your brand is and if they are listening you are creating a brand lover for sure. If you are selling light bulbs and there isn’t a strong lifestyle build around who your brand is, maybe not.

CC: Will you ever form a Life is good band? (Perhaps with Jake, the company’s smiling icon, in the band)
JM: Ha! It could happen someday! If we did, it would likely be more of an open mic…all are welcome to jam along.

CC: And what would your signature song be?
JM: “One Love” by Bob Marley and the Wailers!


UPDATE: Life is good Internet radio has been discontinued by LIG.


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