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20 Years At The Same Job? XRT’s Lin Brehmer Is Still Going Strong

Posted by John on January 24th, 2012

Congratulations to our friend Lin Brehmer on marking 20 years on the air at WXRT 93.1FM in Chicago.  It’s not just that Lin has been at XRT that long (it’s actually a few more years) but that he’s been the morning host on XRT for 20 years — that’s longer than any other morning host in Chicago radio, one of the best and most competitive markets for morning radio in the country!

Morning is the prime listening time for radio stations and it’s very common for station’s to change hosts every few years as they look for that “magic effect” that sounds great and makes the ratings take off.  So it’s impressive that Lin has achieved consistent success for so many years.

There’s a very good interview with Lin by noted Chicago media blogger/columnist Robert Feder worth reading here.  If you’re in the Chicago area, listen to Lin weekday mornings 5:30-10am.  Out-of-towners go here:  It’s worth it to hear what Chicagoland has been hearing for 20 years.

SBR Custom Channels has a long association working with Lin and WXRT in a variety of areas such as music/programming, CD projects, Internet radio, and promotions/marketing consultation.

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