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Most Innovative Music Companies

Posted by John on April 5th, 2010

We’ve found Fast Company to be an excellent source for business, design and consumer trends.  Recently Fast Company ranked the World’s Most Innovative Companies and split it out by top companies for 24 different industries.  The industries chosen ranged from the arts (fashion, film/TV, advertising & marketing) to science (biotech, energy) to business (finance, defense, health care) to stuff we buy (retail, gaming, and consumer electronics).  See the overall list of companies here.

The overall top companies were the usual list of Facebook, Amazon, Apple and Google.  We were drawn to the list of Most Innovative Music Companies.  Guess what – Apple wasn’t number one.  You may not have heard of these music groups but there’s interesting things going on in the ever-changing world of how music is made, distributed, purchased and heard.

See the list of Fast Company’s Most Innovative in Music here. We’re sorry that Custom Channels didn’t make the top 10 list. Maybe next year. haha

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