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Is Your Brand Missing Out as Consumers Move to Online Radio?

Posted by John on March 13th, 2017

Consumers continue to embrace listening to radio online. Listening continues steady growth now reaching 140 million people in the USA each week – that’s over half of all Americans over 12 years old. Monthly online listening soars to 170 million, almost two-thirds of Americans.








And lest you think this listening is for a song or two, the average time spent listening online is way over 14 hours a week or over 2 hours every day on average. That’s a lot of ears doing a lot of listening to, as described by the survey, “streamed audio content available only on the Internet”. That listening ranges from Pandora to iHeart Radio to any channel on TuneIn. Your brand can reach online listeners directly with your own customized online radio accessed through your web site and also streamed on mobile devices.

Click on the charts to download a PDF.
Full Infinite Dial is here


What IS customized, branded online radio?

Here are three examples produced by Custom Channels for our clients…

Floyd’s 99 Radio, national rock ‘n’ roll barbershops

30A Radio, a Florida tourist and recreation destination

Better Than Sex, dessert restaurants in Key West and Orlando

Historically, brands could only buy advertisements in the media to reach their customers. Now, brands can have their own branded media telling their story, their way. If your brand has a loyal following, and nearly all successful brands do, those fans/customers will want to spend time with your brand online, especially if music is any part of your brand’s image and vibe.

At Custom Channels, we make it easy to launch and run a branded online channel. It’s that elusive link to connecting with customers when they’re not in your store/restaurant or using your brand. They still can be listening to your brand. And online radio helps provide great content for your brand’s social media. With one click listeners can share with their own community what they’re doing. “I’m listening to XXX song on YYY brand’s channel.”

The Infinite Dial is the longest running survey of digital media consumer behavior in America. The annual reports began in 1998 and covers the spectrum of FM/AM radio, smart phones, social media, podcasting, streaming and much more.

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