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Not Your Typical Dentist Office Music. These Doctors Go Beyond Background Music.

Posted by John on January 7th, 2016

Who says music at the dentist and orthodontist has to be soft, sullen, background and generic? And who says dentists and ortho practices have to be quiet with no music at all?  Not us! Not our dental clients!

Custom Channels music service is used by hundreds of dental and orthodontic offices in North America. They often say “it’s not your typical dentist office music”.

i orthodontics, Dr. Anil IdicualWorking in a dental office all day includes listening to music all day. You don’t want it to be repetitive and it has to set the right vibe for that particular office and staff. Our music channels are built for business (unlike Pandora) and crafted for the work day with less repetition in mind.

The staff and the doctors love the wide range of channels on our All Access service – they can switch around depending on their mood. If they leave it on the same channel all day, it’s a always a fresh mix. We use sophisticated software to keep the same songs and artists from playing at the same time everyday.

Some practices use our ReMix service so they can customize the music mix themselves and remove any songs or artists they don’t want to hear.

Many orthodontic practices are switching to our radiOrtho service, which includes professional messaging along with a customized music mix. It’s a music service designed for the patients and environment of an orthodontist practice.

We provide music for larger dental groups like Comfort Dental and Rodeo Dental. It’s important that group practices with multiple offices have a synced music soundtrack across all locations that reflects the brand image and vibe. These two groups use our Ethos service.

We also provide music to individual dental offices like Sage Dentistry, Northern Hills Dental, i Orthodontics and Sandra Martin Family Dentistry.

Boulder Smiles, Dr. Mark BirnbachWe asked one of our dental clients, Dr. Mark Birnbach at Boulder Smiles, a few questions about music at his dental practice.

He told us that music is important because it helps to create a pleasant, relaxing, atmosphere.  Music is a pleasant, and easy, means of distracting the patient from the procedures.

The right music makes a visit to his office better and more memorable by exposing people to new music and new artists, as well as old, familiar tunes. Music engages their minds, brings up pleasant memories and expands their musical horizons.

Boulder Smiles uses our ReMix service. They’ve crafted their own mix of styles using European café songs with classic rock, jazz and contemporary hits for a constantly changing sound. They play music for both the patients and the employees. “Music is a big part of the joy of life and having great music helps the work day fly by,” said Birnbach.

What other music options have they tried? “I have been in practice for over 40 years so I’ve gone from radio (too many commercials) to cassettes. Though I had hundreds of cassettes, they were only good for 45 minutes a side, so someone had to constantly change them. Plus we heard the same artist for 45 minutes. Moving to CDs, I had two 200 disc players in tandem, playing randomly, so we had a much larger variety that changed after each song. However, even with replacing CDs with new artists, we quickly got bored with the selections. That’s when we turned to Custom Channels. It has been a pleasure working with Custom Channels to have such a huge variety of songs. Both patients and our team constantly comment about how great the music is here,” said Birnbach.

What would he tell other business owners about in-office/in-store music? “It’s a great opportunity to offer your patrons a wide variety of music, covering many genres, with no effort and little cost,” said Birnbach.

If you work in a dentist or ortho office, here’s a video you must see.


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