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Music Is Influential In Consumer Buying Decisions

Posted by John on May 22nd, 2010

Music is highly influential in people’s buying habits.  Look at what’s number two on the list of “why people overspend” (or as seen from the business point-of-view: how to persuade customers to increase their spending).


Listening to music is perfect for increasing motivation during a workout. Music also increases the motivation to spend. You’re more apt to give in to impulse purchases in shops where instrumental or classical music is playing, according to one study.

Experts believe that loud music also impacts spending. “Louder music in restaurants pushes people to eat faster, order more and consume more food because they can’t talk to each other over the noise,” explains Paula C. Peter, assistant professor of marketing and consumer behavior at San Diego State University. “Being overwhelmed by music also interferes with our ability to think clearly, which can lead to spending more money.”

At Custom Channels we think the right music mix can have a positive effect on the customer, client or guest.  It’s not a matter of getting them to overspend, but a matter of adding value and pleasure to make their experience memorable, whether they bought, overspent or just passed through the businesses.

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