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How to Improve the Sound of Your Business through Dayparting

Posted by John on December 14th, 2015

One of the advantages of working with a professional music service is that we can schedule different music for different times of the day or different days of the week. It’s called dayparting. We all have experienced it in our own personal life that Friday night feels different from Saturday midday feels different from Monday morning. Radio, TV, internet news sites and even Facebook use dayparting to tailor content to the largest available audience at that time.

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Some businesses have a different mood or tone at different times of the day. Depending on your industry and category, the target customer may be different (maybe older at noon and younger at 7pm) or the customer demo may be the same but the mood different (easier going on Tuesday and more in a energetic mood on Saturday). With music dayparting, the tempo, era and song choices can change subtly or greatly during different hours of the day or on different days of week.

We have several restaurants that daypart their music mix into lunch, happy hour/dinner and late night. One restaurant adds a fourth daypart to those three: Sunday brunch. These dayparts have mostly different songs, although a few songs can crossover, and different tempos and eras. Think of these as music zones.

At Custom Channels we offer three ways to easily daypart music for your business.

With our All Access music service you can switch to a different music channel whenever you want. You might play Soft Classic Rock til 3pm then Pop! after 3pm. The channel change can be made manually on our Internet music player or we can set a timer to automatically switch at a designated time.

With our ReMix music service, you create your own multiple playlists and music mixes. Different playlists can be scheduled for different days and times. You could create a “Lazy Day” mix for Monday to Thursday and a “Wild Weekend” mix for Friday to Sunday. Then combine it a “Nights Are Chillin'” mix for everyday after 8pm. The ReMix dayparts are controlled from your private client dashboard.

With our Ethos premium music service, our music programmers work with you to create an exclusive mix. And that mix can include dayparting by weaving your exclusive music mix throughout the day. We have retail clients that like it mellower and acoustic in the music before picking up the tempo as business picks up. We have a salon client that likes play mashups, covers and dancing music on Friday afternoon. A restaurant client includes oldies and classics in the mix until 10pm, and then those disappear after 10pm for a more contemporary sound. A simple yet effective method of dayparting is doing it for specific songs. For example, the overall mix doesn’t change but some songs are individually dayparted to shade the mood.

For some businesses, one consistent sound in all hours works best. Some businesses need the flexibility that dayparting provides. There are lots of possibilities to improve the mood of your business through dayparting.

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