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A Trail Of Tunes – One Brand’s Quest For Their Own Musical Sound

Posted by John on September 9th, 2011

A Custom Channels client wrote to us recently to tell us about all the different music solutions they’ve tried over the years before switching to Custom Channels.  We found the chain of different approaches to music-for-business interesting (and likely something others can relate to) so we asked if we could share their various music solutions over the years.  The business is group of restaurants/bars/clubs.

“In the quest for our own musical sound we have been through…”

Jukebox — Smoke on the Water played 25 times a day. We took it out to play our own music.

Records on an AR turntable — we designed cabinets to hold records.

Cassettes with records recorded on them — our own playlists but got memorized quickly. We made drawers to hold cassettes.

CD’s — we used a five disc changer for Bob James, Pat Metheny, Van Morrison, Fattburger, George James, James Taylor, Carole King, etc.

VHS tapes with CD’s recorded on them — we recorded hi-fi and these played lots longer than cassettes with better sound.

AEI tape cartridges — this is when we let someone else define our sound.

Muzak — Foreground Music One began the slow lobotomy of our customer’s musical senses.

Jukebox — filled it with Texas artists, but no one played them because they did not know them.

XM Satellite Radio — we thought we had found the answer, but soon found they had a limited catalog and became repetitive, with no mix that was “us”.

iPods — so much better technology than the cassettes and VHS tapes, but who has the time anymore or buys the new music?

Custom Channels — I think technology has finally caught up with our desires.

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