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Is your music misplaced?

Posted by John on September 6th, 2013

Both physically and figuratively, is the music in your business misplaced? Take a close look at this photo. The music system is high in a corner of the restaurant’s dining room placed directly above a table of customers with the music playing from an ipod touch-type device. It’s a misplaced physical location.


  • What if the volume of the music needs to be turned up or down?
  • What if the type of music needs to be changed to fit the mood?
  • What if the device needs to be restarted?
  • What about the visual appeal of having audio equipment in the dining area?
  • What about using the do-it-yourself music mix instead of using a professional music service that pays music licensing fees?

Lest you think this is a dive diner (and that still wouldn’t matter), it’s a nice restaurant in an upscale shopping area that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner with entrees ranging from $12-$18.

Now, is your music figuratively misplaced? Only your ears can tell you that. And the ears of your employees and customers. Why settle for a music mix that’s out-of-place? Updating or changing the music mix in your store or restaurant is one of the easiest and least expensive things you can do to freshen the energy and vibe of your business. And the best part is that updating or changing the music mix doesn’t require building permits, zoning variations, landlord approval, or even construction dust! However, we do recommend moving the audio system away from the customers and out of the dining area.

Find out if your music mix is misplaced by contacting Custom Channels for a free evaluation of your music service.

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