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Tired of hearing the same songs over and over and over?

Posted by John on January 16th, 2014

One of the top reasons people contact us about switching to Custom Channels from their current music service is: REPETITION.  They’re tired of hearing the same, limited number of songs day after day. Music repetition seems to be an irritation for businesses that listen long hours to SiriusXM satellite radio, Pandora, or their own selection of songs on their iPod.

Common complaints from potential customers:

  • I hear the same songs playing at the same time of day all the time.
  • Whenever I start the service the next day, I hear the same songs I heard last time.
  • I hear the same artist play within a few songs, then same artist again a few songs later.
  • I know the pattern. If a certain song plays I know what song will follow.
  • I hear the same songs two or three times during my work shift.
  • There’s nothing new; it’s always the same older songs.
  • We currently use satellite radio, but would like to find a music system that is not so repetitive.

music repetition

We hear you! We don’t like repetition either. Custom Channels works harder to prevent music repetition in several ways.

Music scheduling. We use sophisticated software to help us schedule all of our playlists, from our All Access channels to our fully custom service. Most importantly, it’s a fresh playlist everyday, not a recycled list or a loop. The software allows us to move songs around through the day, so if a song plays at noon, the next time it plays will be another day at 8pm. And the software keeps the same artists from playing close together. Plus, there are even more intricacies that reduce or prevent repetition.

Virtually unlimited music licensing.  As long a song is commercially for sale to the public, we can license it for play on our channels. That’s not true of some other music services. If they download files of songs that reside on computers at each business, that’s a different licensing model and excludes the availability of many songs and artists. So more available songs leads to larger playlists.

Larger playlists. Rather than operating with just a couple hundred songs, we believe playlists should have a thousand songs or more. That way, you’re not hearing the same songs every day. By comparison, our playlists are two, three, even four times larger and more extensive than most FM radio stations in any city.  When it comes to beating repetition, bigger IS better.

Adding new songs. We listen to music all day, every day here at Custom Channels. We discover and add both newly released songs and older songs to our wide variety of music channels. Because we stream our music service over the Internet, the updates can take effect very quickly. There’s no waiting for monthly uploads, discs to be sent in the mail, or the attitude “we only update their playlist once a quarter.”

pattern color

Now, we realize that some businesses actually want a small number of songs on their playlist. They don’t mind repetition and have intentionally selected fewer songs to narrowly define their sound. That’s OK by us. We can deliver that, too. But if a business expects low repetition and doesn’t get it, that’s a problem.

We do our best investing a lot of time and thought into how we reduce playing the same songs at the same time day after day. Our customers seem to appreciate that! And they hear the difference.

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