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New Oven Technology and New Music Options for Fast Casual Pizza Segment

Posted by John on September 4th, 2015

caspian pizzaHave you noticed more new pizza restaurants in your town? Not the old style Pizza Hut sit-down-and-wait-to-order restaurant or the scary guy behind the tall counter slapping barely warm slices on a paper plate at a hole-in-the-wall store front. We’re seeing more innovative, fast casual style, modern feeling, create-your-own pizza restaurants everywhere.

Much of the recent growth in the pizza restaurant industry can be attributed to the creation of quick-bake brick ovens that give that classic baking flavor and texture but do it in a much shorter amount of time than the traditional pizza ovens. Some people remember ordering a pizza in the old days and being told “that’ll be at least 15 minutes” as it was made and baked. Long waits are history due to improved oven technology.

By making it quicker and easier to make/bake pizzas, and coinciding with the growing consumer desire for personalization of everything, including food, more business people started restaurants. And more of those restaurants began expanding regionally and nationally, even franchising. The fast casual food industry is strong, especially the pizza category.

Fresh restaurant concepts need fresh music options

With so many new pizza restaurants and pizza franchises opening in the USA and Canada came the need for fresh alternatives for in-store music. Since the cooking methods had been remade, so have options for music been re-invented. It’s no longer Muzak with traditional Italian music or a boom box with the local FM rock station blaring. Pizza restaurants are incorporating their own modern approach to what music sounds best as customers in line customize their own pizza and then, shortly thereafter, sit in the contemporary, colorful dining area to enjoy their pizza.

Music has proven to be a difference maker in creating the right atmosphere and brand environment. It works for any restaurant but music is especially powerful for branding and attitude adjustment at new pizza concepts.

Custom Channels works with many pizza restaurateurs from single locations to company stores to all the franchisees. We believe in a customized approach – not “one music style or one music channel fits all brands pizza restaurants.”

Some of our clients love our All Access music service. Our professionals create the “ready to go” playlists from which restaurants can choose what fits best for them. They like the hands-off approach so they can run their business.

Some of our clients like to mix it themselves and love using our ReMix music service. Each client can add and remove songs, create multiple playlists, and mix styles together. They like the hands-on approach – much like making the perfect pizza.

Some of our clients, such as Mod Pizza, use our Ethos premium music service. Ethos gives each client their own exclusive music channel, a dedicated music programmer helping to craft the sound, and many extras.

Consistent food quality? Absolutely! Then deliver a consistent music sound

salad pizzaWe can debate thick or thin crust or what’s the better pizza topping (bacon? pineapple? jalapenos?) but one thing pizza franchises restaurants DO agree on is that the music should be the same in every location of their brand. It’s not good for the brand to have local managers and employees playing whatever they want — such as one location playing hip-hop and another location playing country; or wildly different styles in the same location on different days. Music reflects the brand and so the music needs to be consistent (but not boring or stale) day after day, in every location.

There doesn’t appear to be a slow down in the number of fast casual pizza restaurants opening. So try a slice or a whole pie at a new pizza place you haven’t tried yet. And when you do, notice the music that’s playing. Does it fit the mood, the atmosphere, the style of the brand? Or is it just another stale cardboard crust soundtrack?

Tasty pizza photos from Custom Channels client

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