Music Service For Hair Salons and Barbershops



How is your salon different?

Is the name? Is it the colors? The attitude or atmosphere? Music can make your salon different and memorable. What’s playing in your salon/barbershop says a lot about your brand, your customers, and the kind of experience you want your customers to have.Your clients may not come to your shop because of the music, but they’ll enjoy their experience more because of the music.

No two businesses are exactly alike, so why play the same ordinary music that all the other businesses play? You’re not Super Cuts or Great Clips so why sound like it?

Custom Channels is different because we stream music directly into your salon or barbershop without satellite dishes, downloads or discs. We have more fully licensed songs available than many common music services. And best of all, we love music


Cut, color and turn it up

Music in a hair salon or barbershop is typically turned up to be heard – it’s not quiet background music. At Custom Channels we create a foreground music mix that’s entertaining, unique and fits the style of your hair salon or barbershop. Our song selection often creates conversation. Your employees (working long shifts) and customers (visiting for an hour or less) will both enjoy it.


We created Floyd’s 99 Radio. What can we do for you?

Custom Channels is the music service behind the popular Floyd’s 99 Radio, heard in all Floyd’s 99 Barbershops nationwide and on Floyd’s web site. Many people are as impressed by the one-of-kind music mix at Floyd’s as they are with the fantastic service and stylists. A rock&roll atmosphere paired with playing their own Internet radio station is one way Floyd’s sets itself apart from a typical barbershop and generates the buzz.


Feeling creative? Do-it-yourself with ReMix!

Some shop owners like to play their own music, meaning they’re using an iPod, iTunes, iPad, CDs or Pandora. It’s a lot more work, with songs that often don’t fit or are inappropriate; and it’s not always legal. Plus, you’re avoiding the required licensing and copyright fees. See our blog on DIY music.

That’s why we created ReMix. Many DIYers have switched to Custom Channels’ ReMix so they are hands-on creating and managing their playlist, yet be legal with licensed music with superior audio quality streamed to their store. If you want to pick the music yourself, read more about ReMix.


Fully customize with Ethos

For shops with multiple locations or bigger budgets, we offer Ethos, a “built for you” custom channel with music and messaging designed specifically for your shop. Floyd’s 99 Barbershops use Ethos for their distinct sound. With Ethos, our music professionals work directly with you. A fully custom Ethos package includes your own custom streaming channel to be played on-premise in all of your locations, receivers for all locations, a fully branded online player you can post on your web site, custom messaging if you like, and all music licensing. Read more about fully custom.


Upgrade your style with All Access

If you aren’t ready to step up to the “built for you” Ethos channel or don’t want to ReMix it yourself, our collection of “ready to go” All Access channels is the hair salon music your shop needs. We have a variety of moods and tempos with music playlists curated by the same music professionals who create our fully custom channels. The mix is fresh daily with an updated playlist – you don’t have to do anything but listen and enjoy.

Our All Access channels are a better alternative to SiriusXM satellite radio. See the details about our All Access music service.

Is Custom Channels right for my business? To take the next step in getting the Custom Channels music service for your hair salon or barbershop, call us at 303.444.7700 or use our contact form.