Music Service For Hotels And Resorts



How is your hotel different?

Is it the beds? The room colors? Is it the staff attitude or lobby atmosphere? Music can make your hotel different and memorable. What’s playing in your lobby, eating and drinking areas, outdoor settings and common areas say a lot about your brand, your guests, and the kind of experience you want people to have when they stay with you.

No two businesses are exactly alike, so why play the same ordinary corporate music or satellite radio that gets played in malls, sub sandwich shops and auto stores? You’re not a discount store or cut-rate inn so why sound like it?

Custom Channels is different because we stream music directly into your hotel without satellite dishes, downloads or discs. We have more fully licensed songs available than most common music for businesses services. And we love music!


What does your hotel sound like?

You’re in the hospitality business. You go out-of-your-way to create an enjoyable, memorable experience for your guests. The right soundtracks playing throughout your property can help you achieve maximum satisfaction. Music makes a great first impression. Music makes a lasting impression. Don’t discount the power of music to add the special ingredients you’re striving to deliver – charm, excitement, relaxation, hip factor, energy, mellow. Whatever the descriptions are that you apply to your space and your brand, hotel and resort music can put an exclamation point on it with guests and employees alike!


A music service that fits your needs

We offer deluxe, “built for you” Ethos channels with music and messaging designed specifically for your brand. Play it on-premise in one local hotel/resort or across the brand worldwide. Our music professionals work directly with you. Our Ethos package includes your own custom Internet radio station, receivers for all locations, a fully branded online player you can post on your web site, custom messaging if you like, and all music licensing. Like your hotel rates, we offer group rates for multiple locations using Custom Channels. And like great concierge service, we’re responsive to our customer’s needs and desires. Read more about the Ethos music service.


Upgrade from satellite, computers and music-on-disc systems

If you want to upgrade your music service from what you’re using now, but don’t feel ready for a built-for-you Ethos channel, our collection of “ready to go” All Access channels, with music playlists curated by the music professionals who create our fully custom channels, is what your property needs. We have a variety of moods and tempos. We can switch channels automatically to play the right music for the right time of day and week. See the details about the All Access music service by Custom Channels.

Find out which Custom Channels service is right for your business. To take the next step in getting the Custom Channels music service for your hotel or resort, call us at 303.444.7700 or use our contact form.