Music Service For Medical/Dental/ Health Care Offices


For medical/dentist/health offices that care about what they hear

In talking with members of the health care community about what they use for music in their offices, we found that some listen to FM radio while others use satellite radio, CDs or iPods; a few use Muzak. But the music lovers don’t feel satisfied with what they hear. Too much repetition, poor song choices, stale playlists, lots of talk and commercials, inappropriate songs and poor audio quality.

People in health care spend many hours a day hearing the music. It should be the best. Yet while there are lots of ways to get music for the office these days, few seem really tailored around the needs of today’s modern health care facility.

Won’t just any ordinary music service or FM radio station be OK?

Think about the people you are helping. They’re often visiting because they face a problem, pain, or issue. Music sets the tone, vibe, and atmosphere for their visit. You want your office to sound special and reinforce the mood of your office, whatever that may be: upbeat, caring, contemporary, traditional. Music can reflect how you brand your services.

And even though you don’t want people waiting long, you want that time to be spent in a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere.

What about your employees?

They listen to the music far longer than any patient. You don’t want the staff listening to an ordinary, repetitive music mix all day every day.

With local FM radio, you hear high repetition of same songs and same artists, a limited playlist not designed for all day listening and often has a poor signal in buildings. FM radio is also full of lots of talk, interruptions and commercials (especially commercials for other dental practices – a big issue for dentists).


Think you can do-it-yourself?

Some doctors, dentists and office managers like to play “their own music” – meaning music they use their iPod, iTunes, iPad, CDs or Pandora. It’s a lot more work, with songs that often don’t fit or inspire the mood; and it’s not always legal because you’re avoiding the required licensing and copyright fees. See our blog on DIY music. Many DIYers have switched to Custom Channels to get a better mix without all the work.


Get your own customized music service

Ethos – where you work with our music professionals to design a music mix that’s perfect for you, with optional messaging included. Best for large facilities and multi-location units.

All Access – two dozen “ready to go” channels offering a wide variety of music for a wide variety of moods and tastes. All Access is an upgrade from satellite radio.

ReMix – where you create and manage your own custom channel by choosing styles, adjusting the mix, and adding/deleting songs. ReMix is an economical, legal and fun alternative to iPods, iTunes, CDs, Pandora or Spotify.

Features and benefits of Custom Channels for medical/dental/health care:

  • A music mix selected specifically for the all-day, 8 to 10-hour office workday.
  • No commercials. No interruptions.
  • Huge playlists – the mix is always changing, always being updated, less repetition.
  • Pre-screened music – no songs that aren’t appropriate for the public environment
  • Your music plays on an easy-to-install internet receiver.
  • No CDs or iPods to change, no satellite dish, no computer needed.
  • We cover all the required ASCAP, BMI, SESAC music licensing.
  • Highest quality digital sound with no variations in volume from song to song.
  • No long-term contract. No activation fee.

Is Custom Channels right for my business? To take the next step in getting the Custom Channels music service for your medical office, dental practice, or health care facility, call us at 303.444.7700 or use our contact form.